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Hyperdocs, Chromebooks, and Customized PD

A couple of weeks ago I featured two Chromebook training opportunities. One of those I'm hosting next week in Portland, Maine. The other is being hosted by my friends Ernie Delgado and Malia Hoffman in Palm Springs, CA on August 2nd and 3rd.

Create Mind Maps in Google Drawings

In a webinar that I hosted last week I was discussing using mind maps to generate ideas for blog posts. Someone in the webinar asked for a demonstration so I opened Google Drawings and quickly put together a mind map of blog post ideas. In the video embedded below I demonstrate how to use the tools in Google Drawings to create mind maps.

Tareas de final de curso con GSuite Educación

Al finalizar el curso lectivo, hay una serie de tareas a realizar con los archivos, carpetas, clases, etc generados por las aplicaciones de GSuite en aquellos centros que tienen un dominio educativo con esta plataforma.

Unas tienen que ver con buenas prácticas a llevar a cabo por todo el profesorado, otros con el administrador del dominio, y otras con aquellos docentes que van a

5 Google Docs Formatting Tips

Some of the first questions that new Google Docs users ask are usually centered around formatting options in Google Docs. The stress of the transition from Word or Pages to Google Docs is eased once some of the basics are addressed. In the following videos I provide demonstrations of five Google Docs formatting options.

How to Insert Columns Into Google Docs:

How to Quickly Download Google Drive Files

This is the time of year when some of us may be leaving one school district to head to another. If the one that you're leaving uses G Suite, you probably will want to download the files that are important to you before you lose access to your school-based account. Fortunately, it is easy to download your Google Drive files and place them on your desktop or into another cloud account. My video embedded below shows you how to do that.

Transferir datos de Drive y Gmail de un dominio educativo a cuenta personal con Google Takeout Transfer

Uno de los problemas a los que se enfrentan los usuarios de GSuite Educación, sobre todo alumnado y profesorado, es cómo llevarse los correos electrónicos y los documentos de Google Drive cuando abandonan el centro y el administrador decide borrar sus cuentas.

Para solucionar este problema, Google ha puesto a disposición Google Takeout Transfer. Anteriormente ya habían dado la

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