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How to Install Backup and Sync for Google Drive

Contrary to what some poorly written headlines will tell you, Google Drive is not going away. What Google did announce this week is the deprecation of the Google Drive desktop app for Mac and PC.

"Explorar" en documentos de Google Drive

Empezamos este 6º curso de En la nube TIC, con una utilidad de documentos de Google Drive, que ha ido evolucionando con el tiempo y que, a pesar de su versatilidad, puede que no sea muy conocida entre los usuarios de esta suite.

Se trata de la opción “Explorar”, que puede usarse en documentos, hojas de cálculo y presentaciones de Google, con diferentes funcionalidades en cada uno de ellos.

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Hyperdocs, Chromebooks, and Customized PD

A couple of weeks ago I featured two Chromebook training opportunities. One of those I'm hosting next week in Portland, Maine. The other is being hosted by my friends Ernie Delgado and Malia Hoffman in Palm Springs, CA on August 2nd and 3rd.

Create Mind Maps in Google Drawings

In a webinar that I hosted last week I was discussing using mind maps to generate ideas for blog posts. Someone in the webinar asked for a demonstration so I opened Google Drawings and quickly put together a mind map of blog post ideas. In the video embedded below I demonstrate how to use the tools in Google Drawings to create mind maps.

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