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Reminder - The Google Drive Desktop App Is Being Phased Out

Last month I posted an explanation of the pop-up notice you might be seeing in your Google Drive account regarding the end of the Google Drive desktop app. The day is almost here that will mark the end of the Google Drive desktop app being replaced by Backup and Sync and File Stream.

How to Create a Custom Google Forms Theme

A couple of years ago I published a video tutorial on how to create a custom Google Forms theme. More than 10,000 people have since used that video tutorial to customize the appearance of their Google Forms. One of the criticisms of that video that I have heard from some viewers is that it goes too quickly so they have to rewind it a few times. To remedy that problem I put together a set of annotated screenshots that illustrate each of the main steps in the process. Those screenshots can be seen in the slideshow that is embedded below.

Google Drive is Not Going Away

In the last 18 hours three people have emailed me with a concern that Google Drive is going away. To be clear, Google Drive is not going away. But if you are using the Google Drive desktop app for Mac or Windows you may see a somewhat confusing pop-up message that reads, "Google Drive for Mac/PC is going away soon."  What this means is that the current version of the Google Drive desktop app for Mac and Windows is being phased out. It is being replaced by a new tool called Backup and Sync. Depending upon your account, you may also see a notification to use Drive File Stream.

Here's the Way That I Recommend Using the Internet Archive

In last night's Practical Ed Tech Tip of the Week newsletter I mentioned using the Internet Archive as a source of public domain video clips to re-use in classroom video projects. That suggestion drew a lot of emails from readers this morning. Most of the emails expressed concern about the content that students can find on the Internet Archive.

Google Classroom. La clase virtual

¡Hola a todos!

Me gustaría dedicar esta entrada a presentar Google Classroom, una plataforma educativa que forma parte de las aplicaciones de Google for Education.

Presentación de Google for Education

Esta plataforma está pensada para que el profesor disponga de un centro de control del curso que imparte. En Google Classroom puede crear clases, compartir tareas, mantenerse

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