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How to Build Your Own Search Engine

This evening I hosted a webinar for a school district in Florida. One of the many topics that we covered was building a custom search engine for elementary school students to use. If you have ever wanted to build your own search engine, the directions contained in the slides and videos below will get you started on the right path.

How to Build Your Own Custom Image Search Engine

Flickr can be a good place to find Creative Commons-licensed images to use in multimedia projects. That said, Flickr does have its flaws and some inappropriate pictures can slip through its filters. One way to avoid this problem is to build your own Google Custom Search Engine. In your search engine you can specify the image hosts that you want your search engine to index. When your students use your search engine the only content that will appear will be from the sites that you have deemed appropriate for them to view.

Slides and Video - How to Create a Custom Search Engine

Creating a custom search engine is a good way to provide some gentle web search assistance to students. Through Google Custom Search Engines you can create search engines that only include websites that are appropriate for your students' reading levels. The slides and video below provide directions for creating your own Google Custom Search Engine.

You Can Build Your Own Search Engine

Earlier this week I received an email from someone who had found the custom video search engine that I built last summer. The person who emailed me asked how I did it. There's not much to it other than following a few steps at

Updated - A Search Engine for Videos Not On YouTube

A few weeks ago I created a Google Custom Search Engine for videos that are not hosted on YouTube. You can find the search engine on this page. This evening I updated that search engine to include four more resources. The alternatives to YouTube that I added to the search engine were the National Film Board of Canada, the Economist videos, The Atlantic videos, and National Geographic Kids videos.

How to Create Your Own Custom Search Engine

I've posted directions for creating your own Google Custom Search Engine in the past. Since the last time I published those directions Google changed some of the settings so this morning I made a new slideshow of directions for making your own search engine. Those directions are posted below (use the full screen mode to see the details).

How to Create a Custom Search Engine - Updated

A couple of weeks ago I shared directions on how to create a custom search engine. Shortly after I published those directions Google revamped the layout of the Custom Search Engine tool.

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