The History of Timezones - A TED-Ed Lesson

Today, I am traveling to Phoenix, Arizona to work with some teachers there tomorrow and on Friday. The more I travel and the more I work with people outside of my home area the more I find myself asking, "what time is it there?" My friend Angela often asks me the same thing when we plan conference calls. Where did timezones come from?

Virtually Hike the Grand Canyon in Google Maps

Last fall Google announced that it had a team setting out to capture "street view" imagery of trails through the Grand Canyon.

13 Good Resources for Social Studies Teachers

I recently met an old colleague of mine for breakfast. Steve and I team taught a course together for a couple of years before he retired a few years ago. During our conversation he said to me, "Richard, what I knew you were good at was finding things our students liked." Coming from Steve, whose opinions I hold in high regards, took that as a compliment and as a reminder that I haven't published a good list for fellow social studies teachers in quite a while.

NASA Shows Us the Earth As Art

Earth As Art is a beautiful collection of NASA satellite imagery of places all over the globe.

Manifest Destiny: The Story of the US Told in 141 Maps

Came across this amazing site on Larry Ferlazzo’s blog, and just had to share! Michael Porath has created a project that visually details the history of our nation’s geographical growth as shown through 141 individual maps: Each of the maps has … Continue reading ?

Burmese Pro-Democracy Leader Aung San Suu Kyi To Visit VA Tech (Via Skype)

Earlier this year, Skype launched “Skype in the Classroom,” a program that formally recognized (and moved to better support) something that many teachers and students were already doing: using the VOIP service to bring in virtual visitors and to connect classrooms to others all over the world.

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