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How to Quickly Learn to Pronounce Anything No Matter How Difficult

pronounce anythingThis is a simple technique I developed on my own as part of the Telenovela Method years ago and I’ve just never gotten around to writing about it because it never occurred to me how much trouble most people have learning to pronounce certain parts of foreign languages.  This is a simple, obvious (once you understand it) techniq

Which Language Should I Learn? Just Ask Yourself This One Question

Who am I interested in?
Which culture, which people do I want to learn about?
That’s it, simple, done.
Yes, there are exceptions, people for whom it’s not that simple – I’ll get to that below – but that’s what they are: exceptions.

Memrise vs Anki: Is Either Better? No, Just Different (and for a different application).

Anki vs Memrise
As many of you know – and many of you are as well – I’m a big fan of Anki.  People have bugged me about Memrise for years now and, although I’ve used it a fair bit, I’d never gotten around to writing a proper review of it, so I thought I would by comparing it with its obvious rival and answering a question many ask: Anki or Memrise?  I particularly thought this was a good idea when I came to the point that I realized each one is better than the other at certain things.

Learn Spanish Vocab Fast with this Fantastic Free Tool

The tool in question is ReadLang, it works with any website in a variety of languages, and makes the process of learning new words from online text much easier than it was before, saving you massive amounts of time and effort.  You click the word you don’t know, it automatically looks it up, gives you the definition, and then stores the word into your flashcard deck for later review (via ReadLang’s website).  Below I’ve demonstrated this with my preferred Spanish-language newspaper, El Heraldo:

60% off ALL Rocket Language courses for Black Friday – next 48 hours ONLY!

Hey guys, I just wanted to quickly let you know of a fantastic offer I only just became aware of.  I don’t often send you straight up product promotions but I’m going to go ahead and do it today because this is a quality product that works great, I’ve repeatedly said that before, and this is a HUGE discount they’re offering: 60% off.

Some Major Insight About Language-Learning from My Two Weeks in Spain

Ok, so I’ve been here two weeks now, I’ve done nearly ten face-to-face language exchanges so far (all with native speakers), I’ve interacted with other natives quite a bit (buying groceries, ordering food, etc.), and I’ve got some insight I want to share in the form of two major problems I’ve noticed:
1. Speed.  This refers to the speed at which people normally talk but it’s not quite so simple as “gosh people sure are talking fast here”.

I’m Learning German and Started a New Blog About It!

I’ve been meaning to move onto a new language at some point for about a year or so here despite my Spanish not being perfect (it’s actually waned a bit since I’ve been so busy, but I’m back into it now) and I really thought it was going to be French since that’s a language I’ve always been interested in and it’s the next highest in demand for native English speakers to learn after Spanish.  However, unexpected circumstances occurred and an interesting opportunity presented itself…

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