Mystery Skype: Connect Your Classroom With The World!

A geography lesson, a technology exploration, a cultural experience and a problem-solving puzzle all in one! Meet Mystery Skype. As you can see in the video, Mystery Skype in essence connects your classroom digitally with another anywhere in the world.

Google Spell-Up: The Better You Spell, The Higher Your Tower!

A few weeks ago Google released a new chrome experiment that my students have been obsessed with playing, and I can’t blame them! Spell Up is designed for Chrome, but also works with Android and iOS.

FlipQuiz: Old Game, Beautiful New Interface

I think one of the most common uses of technology I have seen in classrooms is the ever-powerful review game. From clunky PowerPoint templates to cumbersome online Flash versions, Jeopardy is a tried and true method for reviewing concepts at the end of a learning unit. Plus, let’s face the facts: kids love it!

Spent: Learn About Life on Minimum Wage With This Game

Spent is an online game designed to teach players about the challenges of living on minimum wage employment. Throughout the game, players must make choices that determine their survival for one month on their meager salary.

6 Games To Practice Analogies

I was working with a teacher recently whose students were having a hard time grasping the concept of analogies. It seemed evident that what they needed was a way to practice completing analogies at home, but they were quickly becoming bored of endless worksheets.

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Pearl Diver: Practice Number Lines With This Diving Game!

If you have students who struggle with the concept of a number line or even a student who just needs more practice, Pearl Diver might be just the thing for you. This fun game created by the fine folks at New Mexico State University lets students practice with a number line while diving for pearls in between shipwrecks and sunken ruins. Students must harvest pearls by diving at the right spot in the number line, all while avoiding deadly electric eels!

BardBytes: Shakespeare on the Web

I wanted to share with you a work-in-progress, but exciting website: BardBytes. BardBytes, aptly summarized by its title, is an effort to bridge the gap between the Elizabethan Era and the 21st century classroom by providing educators with modern Shakespearean resources. Resources are categorized into history, tragedy, comedy and poetry, and then by individual plays.

Etch-A-Sketch Online: Classic Game, New Media

You know it, you love it, you played it for countless hours growing up, and now it has a brand new interface! The classic drawing game, Etch-A-Sketch, is now online with Itch A Skitch:
Screen Shot 2013-05-04 at 11.24.44 PM

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Great Minds Think Alike

During winter break, I played some games with my niece and nephew. “Don’t Touch the Cheese” and several parts to ... Continue reading

People’s Pie: Federal Budget Game

A friend of mine from Hopkins shared this with me earlier today, and I thought it was too fantastic not to share with all of you! In an effort to make government, economics and civics more interesting, People’s Pie is a role-playing game where each player must make crucial decisions in balancing the federal budget.

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