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5 Free Timers to Help You Time Classroom Activities and Break Times

One of the challenges of teaching in a block schedule is that some high school and many middle school students struggle to focus for 80 minute, 90 minute, or longer blocks of time.

5 Resources to Help Students Learn About Income Taxes

Today is the busiest day of the year for the U.S. Post Office. Why? Because tax returns have to be post marked by today. If you're looking for some resources for teaching about taxes, take a look at the items below.

This morning's episode of CNN Student News has a short segment on income taxes. And on the topic of the economics, today's episode also explains Bitcoins.

The Week in Review - The Most Popular Ed Tech Posts

Good morning from Fargo, North Dakota where I'm waiting for a flight home to Maine. This week I had the privilege of presenting at two conferences.

5 Good Places to Learn to Write HTML

This afternoon I received an email in which I was asked how to write a hyperlink without relying on the visual editor in Word, Google Docs, or your favorite blogging platform. While the visual editing tools will usually do everything you need, at some point you might want to beyond the limitations of WYSIWYG. It's then that you'll want know how to write and edit HTML yourself. These are three resources that you can use to teach yourself HTML. The instructions in these resources are clear enough that middle school students can use them on their own too.

Updated Again - Best of Web 2013

This afternoon in Fargo, ND I shared an updated version of Best of the Web 2013. I just gave this presentation last month so there isn't too much different in this version, but there are some new things including Wideo for video creation and the Classtools SMS Generator.

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