Free Technology For Teachers

My Spring and Summer PD Schedule

As the school year winds down a lot of teachers, teacher-librarians, and school administrators turn their attention to summer professional development opportunities.

Career Sighted - Short Videos About Career Options

Career Sighted is a new website designed to help students learn a bit about jobs in careers they have an interest i

Reading RSS Feeds on Windows 8

In my on-going efforts to explore alternatives to Google Reader and familiarize myself with Windows 8 applications I recently tried using Bing News on my

Tildee - Craft and Share Tech Tutorials

Tildee is a service for creating multimedia tutorials on anything you want to teach. I tried the service a couple of years ago.

5 Free Timers to Help You Time Classroom Activities and Break Times

One of the challenges of teaching in a block schedule is that some high school and many middle school students struggle to focus for 80 minute, 90 minute, or longer blocks of time.

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