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Free App of the Week: Number Line

This week’s free app is Number Line by Todd Bowen. The first thing that caught my attention about this app is the developer: Bowen constructed this app while he was getting his PhD at Virginia Tech for Instructional Design and Technology.

Free App of the Week: My Spelling Test

The free app I wanted to feature this week is My Spelling Test: Free - an app that allows educators and parents to quickly and easily create spelling tests for their students. This app is a great way to help students practice spelling on their own, and then monitor their performance. Here’s a quick breakdown on how it … Continue reading »

7 Apps to Use with Twitter in the Classroom!

It seems like people have mixed feelings about Twitter: to use or not to use? I personally believe in the use of Twitter to grow personal learning networks, and I understand the capabilities for literacy learning it provides to students who are already  familiar with the micro blogging tool.

Timer Pop - A Handy Classroom Timer

I've written about a bunch of timer websites and apps in the past (here's a list of five). Today, I found another nice timer tool that teachers may find handy. Timer Pop allows you to create and save multiple timer settings. For example, if I want to have a count down that lasts for five minutes, a count down of fifteen minutes, and a count down of three minutes I can save them all.

Free App of the Week: Mobile Mouse

It’s been a very long time since I have shared a free app, but I want to bring back this weekly post to highlight some of the wonderful educational apps that are roaming the cybersphere. Mobile Mouse is today’s feature, … Continue reading ?

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