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Free App of the Week: On This Day

Starting up a new feature this week with Free App of the Week. First up, we have the On This Day app, a free downloadable application that displays information on that day in history. Here are the features as seen on the app store: Display Events, Birth and Death dates Quickly select a specific calendar … Continue reading Free App of the Week: On This Day

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Free Alternative to GooseChase

This morning I received the following email from a reader who wants to create a digital scavenger hunt for an upcoming conference.

Three Free iPad Apps for Creating Talking Animations

Creating videos with students is the topic of one of my most popular on-site workshops. I always customize the workshop depending upon the type of device that teachers are using and the grades that they teach. The following are three of my favorite iPad apps for elementary school students to use to create animations on their iPads.

Introducing Programming to Elementary School Students

Earlier this week a reader emailed me with the following question:

How would you introduce / start coding with a Grade 2 and 3 class? Snap or Scratch?

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