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Why Taking Risks in the Classroom Pays off for Students—and Teachers

My sixth graders entered the room, found their seats and in typical fashion, I asked them to take out their homework—but it wasn’t a typical day. It was my first experiment flipping our classroom. As the groans from my students got louder, I knew something wasn’t right. I panicked.
"Don't let your fear of what could happen make nothing happen."
Doe Zantamata

Google Classroom. La clase virtual

¡Hola a todos!

Me gustaría dedicar esta entrada a presentar Google Classroom, una plataforma educativa que forma parte de las aplicaciones de Google for Education.

Presentación de Google for Education

Esta plataforma está pensada para que el profesor disponga de un centro de control del curso que imparte. En Google Classroom puede crear clases, compartir tareas, mantenerse

How to Embed Flipgrid Videos Into Your Blog

On Sunday I featured Flipgrid in my tip of the week. My video tutorial on getting started with Flipgrid included how to share your video prompts with students and how they can reply to your prompts. One method of sharing that I didn't include in Sunday's video was embedding Flipgrid videos into blog posts.

How a Flipped Syllabus, Twitter and YouTube Made This Professor Teacher of the Year

A few years after John Boyer began teaching world geography at Virginia Tech, a survey revealed that 58 percent of college-aged Americans could not locate Japan on a map. Sixty-nine percent could not find the United Kingdom.Boyer raced ahead undaunted. He loved the scope and implications of his subject. “The great thing about geography is . . . everything happens somewhere,” he explains. “Geography is the somewhere.”

¡¡¡Vamos a invertir la clase!!!

Llevo tiempo queriendo darle la vuelta a mi clase y por fin he encontrado a valiosos aliados que me han ayudado a hacerlo de una manera sencilla.

La herramienta "Edpuzzle" que descubrimos gracias a nuestra compañera Ana de la Fuente (Ver el post) me ha parecido sencillamente genial. 

Te permite editar videos que puedes aprovechar o utilizar tus propios materiales. Pero lo que realmente añade

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