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¡¡¡Vamos a invertir la clase!!!

Llevo tiempo queriendo darle la vuelta a mi clase y por fin he encontrado a valiosos aliados que me han ayudado a hacerlo de una manera sencilla.

La herramienta "Edpuzzle" que descubrimos gracias a nuestra compañera Ana de la Fuente (Ver el post) me ha parecido sencillamente genial. 

Te permite editar videos que puedes aprovechar o utilizar tus propios materiales. Pero lo que realmente añade

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PD for Writing Teachers: STEM Workshops, Rockstar Camps, Twitter and More!

“Must be nice to have summers off!” All teachers hear this statement multiple times in their careers. Indeed, as an English teacher at University High School in Irvine, I glory in my summers—but not to sleep in or binge on Netflix or even to travel for weeks at a time. Rather, I recharge myself with self-designed PD.

The Must-Have Tools in My Flipped Classroom

When I first began flipping my math class in 2010, the ability to screencast, upload video to the web and have students watch lectures at their own pace was exciting and innovative. Though it was a step in the right direction toward a more personalized and student-centered classroom, a couple of tech tools that have emerged during the past few years have truly changed my thinking about what is possible for the flipped classroom.

Why Flipped Learning Is Still Going Strong 10 Years Later

Ten years ago two Colorado chemistry teachers unleashed a brash concept on a K-12 landscape where few questioned the age-old formula of lecture, homework, assess, repeat. It was the early days of YouTube (then two-years old), and it was getting cheap and easy to make and post videos, so the two teachers—Jon Bergmann and Aaron Sams—proposed shifting lectures to videos students would watch at home, and asking students to come to class prepared to problem solve with their peers.

Vizia, crear vídeos interactivos fácilmente

Hoy os presento una nueva aplicación educativa.Esta aplicación permite crear vídeos interactivos de manera sencilla y rápida, para compartir o incrustar en blogs o webs, con la posibilidad de recoger los resultados directamente en una hoja de cálculo de Drive o exportando datos en formato CSV. de manera, como anuncian en su página, 100% gratuita.

Lo primero que tenemos que hacer es

Try YouTube Live To Reach More Students

Back in May I shared how Tom Richey was using YouTube Live to host AP World History review sessions for students. That's one way to use YouTube Live to help your students. Another way to use YouTube Live is to broadcast and record lessons from your classroom.

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