FlipSnack Edu

La aplicación educativa que buscabas

Esta herramienta 2.0 es gratuita y está dirigida exclusivamente a docentes y alumnos. Permite crear y compartir flipbooks o libros interactivos: ¿Y cuál es la novedad? Estos libros no solo pueden tener texto escrito, pero también (y aquí está lo interesante) otro tipo de textos: es posible agregarles audios, videos de youtube, imágenes e ilustraciones.

Phishing Explained by Common Craft

Last week's viral Google Docs phishing scam provided a good reminder to many that we should always give a critical eye to emails and social media posts that don't look quite right. It also served as a reminder that we need to educate students and, sometimes, our colleagues about phishing attempts. Common Craft has an excellent video on the topic.

How to Control What Appears in Your Facebook Feed

This afternoon I received an email from a reader who was quite upset th

Please Practice Good Digital Citizenship

I talked about this briefly on my Anchor podcast yesterday, but I need to elaborate a bit here. During the last year I have increasingly seen teachers sharing and or reacting to posts on social media without actually reading the full article. For example, see the screenshots below in which teachers have shared Facebook posts without actually reading the article or trying the tools mentioned in the article. How do I know they haven't?

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