Search Google Effectively In The Classroom

Recently in one of my classes, I learned about Google search optimization, or how to search more effectively. It really opened my eyes to how ineffectively I was utilizing the search engine before, and how I could use tricks and tips to save valuable time when looking for information online.

Daily Writing Prompts: Foster Creativity With Writing

A while ago, when I was searching the web for creative ideas for writing prompts, I came Writing Prompts. This is Tumblr weblog run by educator Luke Neff, who posts a new, visually appealing writing prompt each day (or almost each day). These are fantastic and creative, and often encourage higher level thinking from students.

Xtranormal Text-To-Movie and 7 Classroom Uses

Xtranormal is a free, text-to-movie tool that takes the complex process of creating a movie and turns it into a 4 step process: Begin by choosing the set Then the actors Then the sounds and music And last, typing what … Continue reading ?

What Spanish Dictionary to Use?

Choosing the right Spanish dictionary for your studies isn’t easy. Yes, it’s actually easier than ever to compare dictionaries as we now have the internet, but many booksellers won’t let you see the content to check out if it’ll fit your needs. And that sucks.

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