Are We Preparing Students for the Creative Work of the Future?

Experts have predicted that artificial intelligence will replace nearly half the world’s workforce within the next fifteen years. They often follow that warning with the reassurance that leaving the automated tasks to machines will free up human labor for more creative projects. Yet, if we keep sidelining creativity in education, will the workers of tomorrow be prepared for that kind of work?

Could Entrepreneurship Programs Someday Replace Their Colleges?

If I gave you a magic wand, and said you could redesign a college from scratch, what must your students learn?I argue that you need to help build problem-solvers who are adaptive, creative and entrepreneurial in their thinking.

All I Really Need to Know I Learned from Playing Video Games

From high school valedictorian to game company CEO to computer science instructor, all I really needed to know, I’ve learned from video games. With lessons ranging from time management to algorithmic graph search, here are three of the games that have influenced me the most, and what I’ve learned from playing each of them.Final FantasyMin-maxing is a resource-management term used often in terms of gaming strategy. It is the process of maximizing results while minimizing resources spent.

Why Teachers Turn to Tutoring

Employment prospects and annual salaries for classroom teachers have reached all-time lows, with new teachers receiving an average of $38,617 in 2018—less than in the 1990s. And while turnover varies widely by state, the percentage of teachers leaving their jobs before retirement age is high.

What’s Your Edtech Business Plan Worth?

For the past decade, the most esteemed business plan competition for edtech entrepreneurs has been held by the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education and sponsored by Milken Family Foundation. The 2019 competition opens January 8 and will accept applications until February 13. Even better, this year, the program aims to crank up the value that it provides to entrepreneurs.

The Uphill Battles Facing Asia’s Education Technology Startups

Japan has earned a reputation for exporting successful products and services from different industries. In technology, Sony and Nintendo are among the most internationally recognized brands. In education, the tutoring center Kumon has franchises across the world.

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AI and Personalized Learning That Goes Beyond Tech: The Latest Camelback Ventures Cohort

Aaron Walker, founder and CEO of an incubator based in New Orleans called Camelback Ventures, believes there’s talent everywhere. That’s why his organization doesn’t make entrepreneurs accepted to its fellowship move anywhere. They can stay where they are, and continue to build their business. Each accepted organization gets $40,000 for mentoring and coaching.

Building a Learning Company: Three Entrepreneurs Dish Out Advice

Playing games in the classroom is not a new concept. So, it’s perhaps not surprising that there are game-based edtech companies hoping to leave a mark in classrooms. But what goes into building a game-based learning startup—or any edtech startup? At the Intentional Play Summit, a conference focused on the intersection of gaming and education in Mountain View, Calif., three entrepreneurs described what it takes to become successful in that space.

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile for Your Edtech Job Hunt

Looking to level up in your career? Join us at one of our jobs fairsEdSurge is hosting a series of jobs fairs this October! Come join us for an evening of informal networking, panels with hiring companies, and some light bites.

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