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Why Sheep Don't Shrink in the Rain

It's a rainy day here in Maine and after a little trail run with my dogs, my feet were soaked! My Smartwool socks keep my feet relatively warm, but do nothing to keep them dry. This scenario always makes we wonder about two things. First, why don't my Smartwool socks shrink when I wash and dry them? Second, why don't sheep shrink in the rain? The answer to the first question is that the socks aren't 100% wool.

4 Fun Summer Science Activities

Now that summer is here in the northern hemisphere it's a great time to go outside for a science lesson. SciShow Kids has four suggestions for outdoor science lessons. In Fun Summer Science adults and children can learn about the science of bubbles, kites, ice cream, and solar energy. Each segment includes an explanation of the science and brief suggestions and directions for a hands-on activity.

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