Campus Closures. What’s Tech Got to Do With It?

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What It’s Like to Be a Teacher Vlogger Star on YouTube

Educator Charles Reynolds has gotten recognized at teacher conferences and restaurants.That’s because he’s not just a ninth-grade literature teacher at Boys’ Latin of Philadelphia High School. For approximately the past two years, he’s been vlogging on YouTube about his experience as an educator—and garnered hundreds of thousands of video views in the process.

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Pathrise, a Career Accelerator ‘By Students, For Students’ Raises $1.2 Million

Would you take career advice from a 23-year-old—and pay a chunk of your salary for it?That’s the question that may surface when one first encounters the team behind Pathrise, a startup co-founded by a pair of early twentysomethings (who look even younger in pictures). But what the team may lack in age, it makes up for with a staff whose resumes are padded with stints at some of the most sought-after companies including Yelp, Facebook, Salesforce, GitHub and, of course, Google.

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What Students Want Colleges to Know About How They Learn

Even the best instructors may not be able to reach every student. And often that’s because there is a disconnect between what students expect from college teaching and what actually ends up happening in the classroom.In July, three members from EdSurge Independent, a student-run group that meets weekly to discuss ideas around higher education and technology, joined EdSurge Live to share what they wish faculty knew about students today, and propose ways to fuse instructional gaps.

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The 3 Most Important Questions To Ask When Evaluating Social Emotional Learning Screeners

Classroom teachers are increasingly aware of the wide-ranging and long lasting benefits of social-emotional learning programs—from improved academic performance to positive family and work relationships and better mental health.

Why the FCC’s E-rate Makes Funding High-Speed Internet a Slow Crawl

It’s one of the cruelest ironies in education: today’s schools must build and maintain robust high-speed, fiber-optic internet connections. But the process involved in finding funds for these upgrades can feel like a laggy dial-up modem, slow to a crawl—when it’s not cutting out completely.

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Why Parents Don’t Understand How To Help

Why Parents Don’t Understand How To Help by Terry Heick Jargon is a necessary evil. Simply put, jargon helps us be more specific.

Behind Closed Doors: Edtech Entrepreneurs’ Biggest Challenges in 2018

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on in an edtech company’s board meeting, or what keeps founders up at night, here was your chance to find out. Earlier this month in New York City, the AT&T Aspire Accelerator, AT&T’s program that finds, develops, and invests in promising edtech companies from around the world, hosted an afternoon of mock board meetings with its 2018 cohort.

Robert Reich on Student Brains, Civic Education and Restoring Pathways to the Middle Class

There are few professors who are as popular on-campus as they are off. But that’s not the case for Robert Reich, a chancellor's professor of public policy at the University of California at Berkeley. Reich is a former Secretary of Labor under the Clinton Administration, author of 15 books, and recently a Netflix star, with popular documentaries such as “Saving Capitalism.”

Makerspaces Nationwide Face the Question: Can Users 3D Print a Gun?

As a legal fight simmered this week over the legality of creating working guns on 3D printers, libraries and other groups offering access to the technology faced questions from local officials and reporters:

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