Adolescent Wellness Program Builds Flexible Learners

Sitting on my mat, in a room full of seventh graders, I said to myself, “Something is wrong.” It was too quiet, too calm. As I led the group through our opening rounds of sun salutations, I was unable to shake the thought, but when I opened my eyes it suddenly occurred to me that the room was silent because everyone was engaged in the movement and breathwork that I was leading.

What’s in a Word? Mrs. Wordsmith Raises $11 Million to Become the ‘Pixar of Literacy.’

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then some investors are betting that pictures of words could be worth millions of dollars. Specifically, $11 million—which is what Mrs. Wordsmith, a London-based education startup, has raised in its Series A round.The deal was led by Trustbridge Partners, and previous investors Reach Capital and Kindred Venture Capital returned to contribute to this round. (Reach Capital is also an investor in EdSurge.) To date, Mrs. Wordsmith has raised $14.5 million.

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Online Learning Platform, NovoEd Acquired by Boston Private Equity Firm

Boston-based private equity firm Devonshire Investors has acquired NovoEd, a San Francisco-based provider of an online learning platform. Terms of the acquisition deal were not disclosed.

How Nontraditional Educators Will Influence Digital Learning #DLNchat

Could the rise in MOOC-based and other certificates affect how traditional college degree paths are designed? What role should employers have in the design or execution of digital learning opportunities? Those were a couple of the questions debated at #DLNchat on Tuesday, October 9, when we discussed how nontraditional education providers could influence the future of digital learning.

We're Closing the Digital Divide. Now Let's End the Participation Gap.

First some good news: the divide in access to digital devices is decreasing. School districts across the country are upgrading networks and integrating more classroom technology, and smartphones have become increasingly ubiquitous across socioeconomic lines. With that said, there are still significant gaps for some students at home.

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How Do You Make Education Research ‘Accessible and Usable’ for Teachers?

Nearly every week, if not every day, a new report comes out detailing the latest findings and results around what works—or doesn’t—when it comes to the latest instructional approaches and tech tools. But what’s clearly not working is getting educators to pay attention to this research to inform their own work in the classroom.

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New Oculus Quest Headset: Going Cordless May Speed Immersive Learning

Last month Facebook announced the next generation of its VR headset technology, and though the previous models have not caught on widely among consumers, it is worth thinking about how the emerging technology could be used at colleges.The new device is called Oculus Quest, and it works without wires, overcoming what has been a major drawback of the the earlier Oculus—and of many competing products. After all, it’s hard to focus on an immersive virtual world when your real-life body keeps tripping on plastic cords.

From Hotspots to School Bus Wi-Fi, Districts Seek Out Solutions to ‘Homework Gap’

While most schools in the U.S. boast broadband access these days, and plenty of assignments require the internet, when students head home, their connections are not quite in lockstep with schools.Thus, there is a homework gap—the problem created when students who use digital learning in class can’t get online at home to finish up their schoolwork.

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A Continuing Education: What Comes After a College Transformation

This is the final part of a three-part series looking at how one college in Texas staged a turnaround. Read part one and two for background.TEXARKANA, Texas — The road to success is often winding.

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