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Trouble With the Curve: Estimating the Size and Growth Rates of K-12 Markets

Estimating the size of different markets, and the speed with which they develop, is critical for a host of business decisions. Is a product category big enough to be financially viable? Which customer segments should you target first? When can your investors expect to see a return on their investment? Without solid estimates, entrepreneurs are left to make big decisions based on weak analytical foundations.

MEL Science Raises $2.5 Million to Make Lab Experiments a (Virtual) Reality

Many parents buy chemistry sets to inspire their kids to be future scientists. These kits have evolved over the years from haphazard, 1950’s “Atomic” chemistry sets using radioactive uranium ore, to safer, Smithsonian-branded sets come with goggles, plasticware and large warning labels.

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Students As Customers? Salesforce Tailors CRM Tools for Schools

What does customer relationship management have to do with improving learning outcomes?
Salesforce, the San Francisco software juggernaut renowned for its CRM tools and lavish parties, is betting schools can achieve greater student success with its customer relationship management system.
The publicly traded company believes the same CRM systems that businesses use to track customer data and interactions can also help schools recruit, develop relationships with students and improve graduation rates.

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Techstars Takes Over Startup Weekend Education

Startup Weekend Education is on the move again.Today, 4.0 Schools, a New Orleans-based nonprofit that has managed Startup Weekend Education (SWEDU) events for the past year, announced it is turning the keys over to Techstars, which operates accelerator programs around the country.

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Noodle Partners Goes After the $1.5B Online Degree Market

Online education was once considered a distant second to in-person classes. Now universities across the country, from Yale to the University of California, Berkeley offer virtual degree programs, with price tags close to tuition for on-campus experience. Helping universities scale their face-to-face courses to digital environments has become a
$1.5 billion industry, according to investment banking and strategy consulting firm Tyton Partners.

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Amplify’s Games Find a New Home in Touch Press

During its heyday, Amplify touted its orange tablets as the tool that would transform digital learning experiences in school. Yet the company’s most impressive offering may have been its games. The Brooklyn, N.Y.-based company invested more than $25 million to partner with talented developers who built 30 learning games covering math, science and English Language Arts.Unless you were a reporter or play tester, however, it was hard to get your hands on them. Only one title was available in the consumer market. The rest required a school license sold by Amplify.

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MasteryConnect Cuts 30 Percent of Staff, Brings Co-Founder Mick Hewitt Back as CEO

Big capital helps startups grow quickly. But when funding dries up and profits remain elusive, companies have to make tough cuts.

Those were among the decisions that Salt Lake City-based MasteryConnect recently made as its management and board slashed an estimated 30 percent of the staff. In addition, Cory Reid, who joined in April 2011 and was named CEO in March 2014, has also resigned.

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Schoolzilla Acquires Decision Science Labs to Help Districts Make Smarter Spending Choices

Schoolzilla is not a monster. But it boasts a voracious appetite when it comes to ingesting education data and, now, another company.

The Oakland, Calif.-based startup, which offers data warehousing and visualization tools for schools and districts, has acquired Decision Science Labs. Financial terms were not disclosed. Schoolzilla will have 57 full-time staff after the deal.

What Every Educator Should Remember When Working With Entrepreneurs

If you are an educator or a school administrator, what’s your opinion of edtech startups? Is it based on personal experience as an early adopter of new technology? Do you believe an edtech entrepreneur is just another Silicon Valley twenty-something who wants to make a billion dollars?

On the flip side, what do you think edtech entrepreneurs believe about you? Have they worked closely with you and understand your challenges? Do they think schools and teachers avoid innovation and won’t take risks?

College Board Releases SAT Scores, Data on 1.36M Test Takers

The old SAT was put to bed earlier this year, and it’s in with a new version of the college admissions exam.On Tuesday, College Board released provisional data saying 1.36 million test takers took its redesigned test between March and June 2016.

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