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The Big, Big Problem with Current K-12 Investing

If public K-12 invested 2% of its national spending on research and development (R&D), that would total $12 billion every year.For perspective, Tesla, widely considered one of the world’s most innovative companies, raised approximately $200 million for the R&D required to put its first electric vehicles on the road. With that aforementioned 2%, K-12 could finance 60 new organizations like Tesla... every year.

Instructure Rings the Bell

Yes, the panda got to ring the bell, too.On the auspicious day of Friday, Nov. 13, Instructure became a public company on the New York City Stock Market, opening at $16 a share under the symbol INST and ending the day at $18 a share. Instructure sold 4.4 million shares, raising approximately $70 million.

Udacity Grows A Horn

He did it. Sebastian Thrun has had a breathtaking impact on the education technology landscape: Just about five years ago, his Stanford-based online class in artificial intelligence became a MOOC looked at round the world. Today, Thrun said his company, Udacity, has raised $105 million in a Series D round, a deal that values the company at the unicorn level of $1 billion. 

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How Amplify Broke All the Rules for Innovators

Not dead but greatly diminished, Amplify was sold in September by News Corp. to its management team “supported by a group of private investors.” The news came just days after the announcement that Amplify would layoff 500 employees and a little over a month after News Corp. had announced that it had written off a whopping $371 million in losses from Amplify over the past year.

How to Get Your Name into the Minds and Hearts of Teachers

Want to hear about one of the best hockey-stick-growth secrets in education?

TouchPress Seeks Buyers for Educational iPad Apps

When the iPad first launched in 2010, Apple installed Touchpress’s first app, “The Elements,” on the promo tablets it sent to journalists. They included it as an example of excellence, of the iPad’s power. The app, priced at $13.99, has been downloaded more than a million times. It was was the app that Touchpress CEO Theodore Gray built his company on.Now “The Elements,” along with 20 other apps, are all up for sale, and buyers are lining up.

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PowerSchool Snaps Up InfoSnap to Simplify Student Enrollment Process

The next sure thing in life, after death and taxes, is paperwork. Few can escape the doldrums. Even technology executives like Hardeep Gulati finds himself filling out reams of forms when enrolling his child at the local public school.

Dell Foundation Sells Double Line Partners, Developer of Ed-Fi Technology

The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation has sold Double Line Partners, an Austin, TX-based company, to Cross Street LLC, a local private equity firm. Financial terms of the deal, first reported by the Austin Business Journal, were not disclosed.

In Edtech, Moving Fast Without Breaking Trust

In most startups, the idea “move fast and break things” is king. But in edtech—in which student learning, parent communication and school improvement are critical focus areas—the stakes are often too high to engage in typical “lean startup” methods.

Education companies have a responsibility to ensure the products and services they develop work well and are trustworthy. But measuring the efficacy of a product takes time, a body of research, and careful attention to detail.

Cielo24 Reaches for the Sky With $5M Series A Round

Videos have become an increasingly popular instructional medium as more students flock to online courses. But ever try skimming a video? It’s the worst. Text-based instructional content still retains the advantage of allowing learners to scan for—and skip to—relevant sections of the material. It’s also not the victim of accents and misplaced idioms.

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