Here's the Way That I Recommend Using the Internet Archive

In last night's Practical Ed Tech Tip of the Week newsletter I mentioned using the Internet Archive as a source of public domain video clips to re-use in classroom video projects. That suggestion drew a lot of emails from readers this morning. Most of the emails expressed concern about the content that students can find on the Internet Archive.

Se acabó el Dropbox como portfolio digital

¿Eres de los que usa Dropbox para colgar el portfolio de proyectos eLearning? Si es así, esta noticia te interesa y es que a partir del 3 de octubre Dropbox deja de ofrecer este servicio. Dropbox ofrecía hasta ahora la posibilidad de alojar archivos en la carpeta “Public” y mediante la opción de “Get the sharable link” Leer más ...

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Create a Single Dashboard for All of Your Cloud Storage Accounts

If you're like me, you might have utilize more than one cloud storage service. I use Google Drive most often, but I also use Dropbox and Box too. MultCloud is a service that allows me to tie them all together in one place. MultCloud does more than just provide a single log-in for all of the cloud services that I use. It also allows me to move files between services with a simple drag-and-drop.

Commenting on Dropbox & Box Files - Alternatives to Google Drive

It is not a secret that I love Google Drive and use it for nearly everything that I do in my professional life.

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