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Personal Statements 2016: 'Digital Technology Is the New Opiate of the Masses'

Editor’s Note: ‘Tis the trendy season for trends, to reflect on 2015 and to make bold predictions about what next year may hold. This year, we asked thought leaders to share their outlooks on education, but with a twist. They have to frame their thoughts as a response to some of the finest college application essay prompts—yes, the very same ones that high school seniors are feverishly working on now!

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5 Issues Every ‘Future Ready’ School Leader Must Address

On December 10, 2015, phase two of the
Future Ready Initiative, led by the Alliance for Excellent Education and the US Department of Education, was kicked off at the White House. To date, over 2,000 superintendents have signed the Future Ready District Pledge.

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‘I Saw It as a Mission’: A Q&A With DILA Winner Dr. Dyke Redmond

Studies continue to show that media fails to represent the demographics of the country. But Dr. Dr. Dyke Redmond—founder of Changing Hearts with Images and Media Empowerment (CHIME), an after school program that works with minority students to teach them everything involved in media design—believes that the problem lies in a lack of diversity among media creators.

How Edtech Should Unite Latino Families—Instead of Driving Them Apart

American kids are using more and more media both inside and outside of school. Latino Americans are the largest minority group in the American population. Where do these two facts intersect?

Do Wealthy Communities Breed the Best Education Innovations?

In the education world, there is a great deal of debate about what conditions support the most effective change for students. Some say that top-down, district-based change yields the best results, while others argue that grassroots, bottom-up efforts, involving external stakeholders like parents and the community, are the only way to ensure that everyone buys in.

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A Teacher's Tale of Technology, Trust, and the Struggle for Freedom

My students lived right across the street from our school. We could see the projects and apartments of Liberty City from the classroom.

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