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Visuwords™ allows students to look up words to find their meanings and associations as related to one another, focusing on how words are related to each other using a mind map visual. Visuwords uses Princeton University’s open source word database, WordNet, as the source for its connections, associations, and definitions.

How Misogyny got a new Definition in Australia

Julia Gillard
Today we have an interesting story from Australia that shows how the use of words and therefore their meaning might change over time.
The respective word is ‘misogyny’ which describes hatred against women. Now, the Australia’s prime minister who happens to be a woman used the word a bit differently in one of her latest speeches during a parliamentary debate.

English as She is Spoke or How not to Write a Language Book

english as she is spoke
You thought that bad translations of websites, user manuals or spam messages in your mailbox were a thing of the late 20th century and of globalization? Far from it! Think again.

Don’t be a Douche! Oxford Dictionaries Online is in for the Lolz

Oxford Dictionaries Online lolz
Just recently we wrote an article in which we covered the new words that have been added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary here at Fair Languages. And of course they’re not the only ones to do so.

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Sexting in the Man Cave – Merriam-Webster adds New Dictionary Words

Merriam-Webster just released the list of new dictionary words the company will add in 2012. It is an interesting mix from words covering pop culture to science and society. What is interesting, many of those additions paint quite colorful pictures of the things or situations they are describing.

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