Design a School - A Lesson in Design and Innovation

The Open University offers a free course on design and innovation. The course includes a set of six short videos that provide a broad overview of the history and development of modern design. That playlist, beginning with the video on the influence of arts and crafts on design, is embedded below.

Create Free Logos with DesignEvo

DesignEvo, from PearlMountain, is a free online logo maker. PearlMountain has been designing software for over a decade and is working to make professional photo editing and graphic design tools accessible to everyone.

Autodesk's Design Software Is Now Free to Students and Teachers

Autodesk has offered a number of their mobile apps for free for a while. This week they made all of their software available for free to students and teachers.

Create, Publish, Promote: An iPad Workflow For Learning

Using The iPad To Promote Ambition In Students Part of the the power of mobile learning technology is a matter of location–that is, the lap of the student. In a 1:1 classroom, each student has access (to...
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Un nuevo curso para este 2014

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