Daylight Saving Time

Spring Forward! - Lessons on Daylight Saving Time

Most of us in North America moved our clocks forward by one hour last night or

3 Short Lessons About Daylight Saving Time

Where I live there are two clear reminders that winter is coming soon.

Daylight Saving Time Explained

Rolling the clocks back one hour is a sure sign that winter is fast approaching North America. We'll be doing that here this weekend.

We're Springing Forward This Weekend - Here's Why

Daylight Saving Time begins in about nine hours from now on the east coast of North America. If you're looking for some quick lessons about Daylight Saving Time to share with your students, take a look at the videos below. These are the types of videos that I would post on my high school classroom blog as "that's interesting and might appear as a bonus question somewhere" material.

Five Short Lessons About Daylight Saving Time and Time Zones

This morning my dogs woke me up exceptionally early even by their standards. They did it because they don't understand Daylight Saving Time.

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