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Zero Noise Classroom - A 2017 Favorite

For the last five days I have featured the most popular posts of 2017. On this last day of the year, I'm going to highlight my favorite posts of the year regardless of their popularity. This post features a convenient noise meter and timer.

Crafty Text to Easily Share Links

Crafty Text is a Chrome extension that allows you to display text in a large font over a web page. To get started, click the extension to open a box where you will enter some text. You will have the option to display the text exactly as is. If you have entered a URL, you will have the option to display a shortened version of the link or display a QR Code that also shows a shortened link.

Chrome Extensions to Help You Stay Focused

Some people have no problems staying focused while they work on the web while others find themselves drowning in a sea of distraction

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