Use This Chrome Setting to Save Your Laptop's Battery

Even though it has improved in the last year, Google Chrome is still notorious for draining laptop batteries. This is particularly true when you have many extensions installed. You can preserve some of your battery's life by opening the advanced settings menu in Chrome and choosing to disable the option to "continue running background apps when Chrome is closed." Watch the following video to learn how to enable this setting.

Creating Folders and Subfolders to Organize Chrome Bookmark Bar

The Chrome bookmark bar can be an incredibly useful tool to help you get organized, but it can be your worst enemy if you don't take steps to tame it. Just a couple of weeks ago, I shared some ideas for how to use favicons to reclaim space on your bookmark bar. The video below walks you through how to create folders and subfolders on your bookmark bar to reclaim even more space.

Aplicaciones para Chromebooks


Parece claro que el dispositivo que se está imponiendo en los planes de digitalización de los centros educativos es el Chromebook, portátil que funciona bajo el sistema operativo de Google Chrome OS.

Solamente hace falta fijarse en estos dos gráficos, correspondientes a la implantación de dispositivos digitales en las escuelas de Estados Unidos, para darse cuenta de ello. Y eso

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