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When Zero-Tolerance Was Failing Students, This School Turned to Restorative Justice

AUSTIN, Texas — Even in elementary school, Luz Annette got into a lot of fights with other girls. In the hallways, in the cafeteria, in the girls’ restroom. Just about every day brought another confrontation.These were not just shouting matches. Luz, who is now in eighth grade, was getting into physical altercations with her classmates. “When you get in an argument, you just straight up go and fight,” the 14-year-old says, describing a lesson that was ingrained in her at a young age.

From Personalized Math to Micro-Schools, This NewSchools Cohort Is Reimagining Learning

How do you find educators who want to completely rethink our notions of what a school is and design something entirely new?That was the question gnawing at Scott Benson two years ago when he ran into his friend—and fellow senior leader in education—Aylon Samouha in a hallway at the iNACOL conference in Orlando.

Have a Bold Idea for Education? Here's How to Apply for Funding from NewSchools

August is often a sleepy month, when many are focused on enjoying the last bit of summer before the busy fall season begins. But we’re hoping teams of educators and entrepreneurs with bold ideas in education will step away from their vacations to seize a great opportunity from NewSchools Venture Fund.

Oklahoma Joins Ranks of States and Agencies Cracking Down on Virtual Charter Schools

The Oklahoma Department of Education is moving to shut down a virtual charter school, ABLE Charter, for the first time ever, according to Oklahoma Watch. The Statewide Virtual Charter School Board, the organization within the Department that regulates these types of schools, has moved to end its contract with the one-year-old school for noncompliance several laws. 

Edtech Will Reach Its Full Potential in Public Schools, Not Charters

On the surface, it may seem like charter schools are the ideal testing grounds for educational technology. They’re designed to be small and nimble. These “incubators of innovation,” as President Obama called them, are able to quickly try out new ideas.But in the journey towards successfully implementing educational technology in classrooms, the tortoise may outpace the hare.

Six Ways to Land a Job in the Diverse and Crazy World of Edtech

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You’ve been reading EdSurge for years now. You’ve closely followed the rise of Khan Academy, the MOOCs, and every other hot education technology trend. And now you’re considering getting into edtech yourself.

There’s just one problem: Where do you start?

Valor Collegiate Academy: Where Student Well-Being Fuels Academic Achievement

Jack stood face-to-face with Sergio, surrounded by a circle of twenty other sixth grade boys. The room was thick with emotion as their teacher, Ms. McShea, thought to herself, “Uh oh, this may not go well.”

A Look Inside New Orleans Schools, Run Almost Entirely By Charter Companies

What would a school district run entirely by charter companies look like? Keep an eye on New Orleans for the answer.

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An Educator Argues For Charter Schools In Kentucky

TEST tulane-charter-schools-kentuckyAn Educator Argues For Charter Schools In Kentucky
by Mendell Grinter, State Director, Kentucky Black Alliance for Educational Options

Hack Education Weekly News: Knowledge Pills and Other Ed-Tech Quackery

OK, I'm slightly out-of-it this week. That's what flying to England does for you, I guess. Also, I'm visiting family so jetlag plus emotional exhaustion equals a pretty sparse weekly roundup. My apologies. I was paying close enough attention to note that Nicholas Negroponte says that in 30 years time, we'll be able to injest knowledge -- through a knowledge pill or something. So just think. I won't actually have to pay attention to the news.

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