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Your recommendations of Spanish language programs

Earlier this month I asked you, the readers of Voices en Español, for your suggestions of Spanish language schools and programs. You responded with several glowing recommendations! (¡Muchas gracias!)

Here’s what you said:

How to unlock the meaning of Spanish idioms and expressions

This post is from my other blog ReVerb Spanish and a follow-up to “How to use a Spanish-English Dictionary.”
How many times have you heard or read a Spanish expression and then consulted a dictionary for its meaning and turned up empty? Maybe you found a definition right away. But perhaps there have been a few occasions where it took a little bit of digging to find the definition.

Lenguajero: Connecting Spanish & English speakers

Here’s a Q&A I recently did with August Flanagan, co-founder of Lenguajero, an online Spanish-English exchange site.
Tell us a little about Lenguajero. What prompted you to create the site?

I’m great! I stink! Confidence levels in understanding Spanish

Language-learning humor many of us can relate to.  Thanks to Erik Rasmussen, An American in Spain, for sending this graph my way.
funny graphs and charts
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How to get rid of your gringo accent

This is a guest post by polyglot blogger Ramses Oudt. Although he speaks multiple languages, he has a passion for Spanish and writes about learning Spanish through immersion at Spanish Only.

How to get the most out of group intercambios

This is part 2 of an article written by Becca Moy.
In Part 1 of this article, I talked about the benefits of doing language exchanges in a group setting. In this entry I’m going to give you some pointers on how to get the maximum out of these encounters. First things first:

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