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Text Choice Helped Boost This District’s Literacy Success—and Empower Students

Amalia Lopez became a high school English teacher because she thinks functional English is one of the greatest gifts you can give anyone trying to navigate life in the United States. So it may have been fate that she landed a job in the low-income, heavily immigrant California Central Valley community of Lindsay in 2009.

OK Go Wants to Launch Your Students’ Art Experiment Into Space

The gravity-defying choreography in OK Go’s music videos is out of this world—which is also where the American rock band wants to send students’ art experiments.

Are We Preparing Students for the Creative Work of the Future?

Experts have predicted that artificial intelligence will replace nearly half the world’s workforce within the next fifteen years. They often follow that warning with the reassurance that leaving the automated tasks to machines will free up human labor for more creative projects. Yet, if we keep sidelining creativity in education, will the workers of tomorrow be prepared for that kind of work?

From Trump to Tolstoy: What’s Bringing Computer Science and Literature Together

Calculating ratios for different types of pronouns in civil rights speeches. Counting the frequency and proximity of vowel sounds, consonant sounds and rhymes in rap music.Those are just two examples of the projects students have taken on in teacher Peter Nilsson’s “Distant Reading” course at Deerfield Academy, an independent boarding school in western Massachusetts.

Four Classroom-Ready Tips to Boost Reading Engagement and Drive Learning

What leads to reading success? In my view, success with reading doesn’t follow from drill and kill practices that stifle interest and motivation. Rather, it follows from nurturing a love of reading and closing the reading engagement gap—the discrepancy between how students engage with modern digital content and how they engage with traditional texts in school.

Forget Memorization: Here's Why Language Class Should Focus on Excitement Instead

When I was in middle school, I was diagnosed with a learning disability, so the “typical” school experience was always a challenge for me. I struggled to sit still, focus, engage and memorize. School often left me feeling inadequate. I became a teacher to empower students who feel as disconnected as I did.

Unleash the Power of Storytelling With These New AR and VR Tools

Once upon a time, the classrooms had four walls, dusty chalkboards and uncomfortable desks in straight little rows. Students were silent, repeated what they were told and limited by their past experiences.Thankfully, for many classrooms, those days of rigid learning are long gone. Our lessons can now include unimaginable experiences and interactions through immersive technology.

The Real Reason Your Translation App Will Never Replace Language Learning

Of all the classroom subjects technology is poised to change, perhaps none stoke the imagination quite like language learning. As wearable tech and machine translation become increasingly sophisticated, many see them as the future. In-ear technology promises to make 40 languages comprehensible in approximately two seconds lag time. Wearables and translators are undoubtedly handy tools. They make life easier. If you’ve ever communicated solely with facial expressions, gestures and onomatopoeia, then you understand their value.

We Asked Teachers What They Want From Edtech. Here’s What They Said.

At the end of the day, edtech can feel like one more thing on a teacher’s plate.From IBM’s test scoring machines in the 1930s to the Speak & Spells of the 70s, innovators and educators have been trying to improve education with technology for decades. But these efforts have fallen short of meaningfully transforming learning.

Why We Need Controversy In Our Classrooms

Ask any teacher about teaching about a controversial topic, and most will tell you to avoid it at any cost.Now is the time to teach students how to deal with controversial subjects and how to cope with a plurality of ideas and identities

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