An App To Help Students Practice Social Skills

Overview A basic app to help students 4+ to practice what is ‘appropriate’ or not in certain social situations Platforms: iOS:iPhone   iOS: iPad  Android Cost: Free with in-app purchases Developer Description The “Say It… Or Not?” app helps children with autism understand and practice what to say… and what not to say… in real-life […]

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Why Technology Hasn’t Already Transformed Education

Why Technology Still Hasn’t Transformed Education or Why iPads Haven’t Changed Much In Your Classroom by Terry Heick Preface: I wrote this post in early 2012 in response to Apple’s then-new textbook initiative. TeachThought was only a year or so old at the time and iPads had a lot of buzz. I thought it’d be interesting […]
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25 Critical Thinking Apps For Extended Student Learning

25 Critical Thinking Apps For Extended Student Learning by TeachThought Staff Critical thinking apps aren’t th

Everything That Apple Announced Yesterday - In Under Three Minutes

In case you missed it yesterday, Apple had a big marketing education event in Chicago. MacRumors made this video to summarize all of the things that Apple announced during the event.

Chrome Tablets And Cheaper iPads Are Worthless!

Now that I have your attention with that clickbait headline, I have some thoughts to share about the new Chrome OS tablet that Google announced today and some thoughts about Apple's "education event" that is happening tomorrow. Watch my video to hear my thoughts about both of these topics.

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