Two Free Speech-to-Text Tools

This morning on Practical Ed Tech Live I answered a request for a free speech-to-text tool. There were two that I suggested. One was and the other was Dictanote.

On you can simply click "start dictation" then start having your voice transcribed into a text document. No registration is required in order to use More than two dozen languages are support on The video embedded below provides a demonstration of

Google's Guides to G Suite Accessibility Options

Google offers two G Suite accessibility guides. There is a guide for administrators and there is a guide for users.

Text to Speech in Chrome

Earlier today Charles on Twitter asked me for a recommendation for a Chrome extension that offer text to speech capabilities. The first thing that came to my mind was Announcify.

Ed-Tech Week-in-Review: Pearson Acquisition, McGraw-Hill Division, and Badges, Badges, Badges

Funding, Acquiring, and Hiring
Pearson, the world’s largest education company announced this week that it had acquired Connections Education an online virtual school provider. About 40,000 students in 21 states attend the schools, which are funded by the states and districts and free to parents in places where virtual school counts as a public education. Curriculum. PD. Textbooks. Testing. Schools. Pearson.

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