Access and Affordability

Digital Equity Act Would Provide $250M Annually to Address Digital Divide

Proponents of digital learning, as well as those committed to closing the nation's “homework gap,” rejoiced on Thursday when the U.S. Senate introduced a bill that would invest hundreds of millions of dollars to expand broadband access in communities that currently lack it.

Wall Street Wants in on Income-Share Agreements

More schools these days are considering income-share agreements, an alternative to traditional college loans that essentially let people bet on the future earning power of students. One challenge, though, is finding investors willing to pay the up-front cost.

Making the College Admissions Process Work for All Students

Last month, the higher education landscape was rocked with a widespread college admissions scandal involving wealthy families cheating to gain admission to college for their children. Allegations like this erode public trust in the college admissions process and further disadvantage those applicants who are underrepresented in higher education.

Can Campus Tours in Virtual Reality Improve College Access?

What if high school students could tour college campuses across their state without ever leaving home? What if questions about the college application process or funding concerns could be addressed in real time at any hour of the day?

Some Colleges Are Failing to Comply With Cost Calculator Requirements

A study released today by the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education found that some four-year higher-ed institutions are failing to meet federal requirements around how they disclose cost information online.

What the College-Admission Scandal Should Teach Parents About Success

In the end, the recent college admissions scandal can teach parents one of two lessons: create your own broad definition of success and parent your kids out of hope and conviction, or default to our culture’s narrow definition of success and act out of fear and anxiety.

Three Higher Education Proposals to Watch from the White House

Over the last three weeks, Washington has seen a flurry of activity around federal higher education policy. Updates to the Negotiated Rulemaking schedule will extend the negotiations on higher education accreditation and innovation into early April.

Bill to Regulate Income-Share Agreements Moves Through the California Legislature, Again

University students in California could soon be able to delay paying college tuition until after they graduate and land a job.California’s Assembly Committee on Higher Education approved a bill on Tuesday to pilot income-share agreements at the California State University and University of California systems. The legislation passed with a 12-0 vote and now heads to the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

This Teacher Makes Financial Literacy Personal for Students

Jacqueline Prester was a self-proclaimed hustler in middle school. Mowing lawns, babysitting—she took the initiative to earn her own money. But she was also a responsible moneymaker, using the envelope system to budget every cent before she knew it was an actual budgeting strategy. Back then, her friends rolled their eyes when she tried to share her financial savvy.

College Affordability Advocates: What Comes After the Admissions Cheating Scandal?

As outrage continues over the admissions scandal, legitimate college counseling providers are wrestling with how to address concerns bubbling among students who have been advised all along to play by the rules.

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