21st Century Skills

With Limited Options, a Struggling Campus Prepares Students for Life After High School

As we walk towards the new Career Launch Center, Anabel Garza, principal at Reagan Early College High School in Austin, Texas, greets two young men in the hallway. They look up to see who is addressing them then look back down, walking past her without a response.

The 5th ‘C’ of 21st Century Skills? Try Computational Thinking (Not Coding)

For better or worse, computing is pervasive, changing how and where people work, collaborate, communicate, shop, eat, travel, learn and quite simply, live. From the arts to sciences and politics, no field has been untouched.The last decade has also seen the rise of disciplines generically described as “computational X,” where “X” stands for any one of a large range of fields from physics to journalism. Here’s what Google autocomplete shows when you type “computational.” (You can try it for yourself!)

It’s Not Digital Citizenship—It’s Just Citizenship, Period.

Citizenship knows no boundaries. The civics lessons we teach our students outside of the digital arena apply to the online world and vice versa. So why should we place restrictions on being good citizens? Shouldn’t we always be good citizens—both online and off?

How AR and VR Prepare Students for Jobs of the Future (and Save Districts Money)

Imagine a high school student in your district. Her class is learning about muscles, but instead of watching a video or reading about it in a book, she can move a virtual arm and see an exposed bicep muscle contract. Are engines her thing? She can safely experiment with a virtual torque wrench in a mechanics class. It sounds powerful, doesn’t it? Not to mention effective.

We Asked Teachers What They Want From Edtech. Here’s What They Said.

At the end of the day, edtech can feel like one more thing on a teacher’s plate.From IBM’s test scoring machines in the 1930s to the Speak & Spells of the 70s, innovators and educators have been trying to improve education with technology for decades. But these efforts have fallen short of meaningfully transforming learning.

When the Robots Come for Our Jobs, They’ll Spare the Teachers

It seems that every day we read about newer and better applications of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Smart appliances that order groceries? No problem. Cars that drive themselves? Done. Need a good movie to watch? Better than your best friend’s last recommendation.

How to Measure Success Without Academic Achievement

The question of how to measure success in life is one typically left to philosophy classes or late nights at the bar. It is a complex, perhaps unanswerable question. In the words of the cast of Rent, how do you measure a life?So it’s really a wonder that we consider the definition of success for personalized learning programs to be so simple. Can the success of any educational initiative be measured by academic achievement alone?The true magic of personalized learning lies in the potential to increase noncognitive factors of success.

What Research Says About Driving Growth for Writers With Practice, Feedback and Revision

Because we know that becoming a successful writer is crucial to a student’s overall trajectory at school, work, and as a citizen, teachers must identify the tools that can best support writing instruction including the overlapping processes of drafting, review, an

Free Tech Tools Teach Social Emotional Learning in Classrooms

Netflix’s "13 Reasons Why" depicts fictional characters reacting to weighty challenges they encounter within their everyday lives, but provides little guidance to young viewers about how to process or handle these issues, including suicide.

Five Ways Multimedia Can Help Teens Tell Their S.T.O.R.Y.

Everyone has a story to share. Stories are an integral part of our lives. As educators, we have an opportunity to help our students harness the power of storytelling and multimedia production to help them reach academic benchmarks, and engage in creative processes that equip them with real-world skills regardless of their professional pursuits.

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