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It’s all Greek to me, pero está en chino!

It’s funny the things we take for granted when we’re learning a foreign language. There are several expressions that many of us just assume would be exactly the same in other languages because, hey, we’re all humans and doesn’t everyone think the same way?

Straddling dos mundos

Learning Spanish is currently all the rage in the U.S. but there was a time, really not so long ago, when speaking Spanish and being proud and open about one’s Latino heritage was not something that was particularly accepted. Social tensions related to the Spanish language and Hispanic culture still exist today in the U.S., but at least society has progressed to the point where being bilingual is viewed as something very positive and not a negative.

VEE #051 – Spanish is dangerous

This podcast contains three excerpts from the excellent program “Race Bridges for Schools,” an online resource of audio and written materials designed to increase teenagers’ understanding of different races and cultures. If you are a high school or middle school teacher of language arts or social studies, I highly recommend this web site.

Spanish Toolkit: 6 web sites for Spanish teachers

If you’re a Spanish language teacher worth your salt, you’re constantly on the lookout for high quality, varied learning materials to present to your students. With a new school year already underway, here are six sites that should be on your radar if you teach Spanish. And if you’re not a Spanish instructor, no problem, these sites still offer plenty of content for avid Spanish learners of all ages and backgrounds.
BrainPop Español

To B or not to V?

There’s a mistake that you’re bound to see sooner or later if you visit online Spanish forums or read blogs in Spanish, and that is the use of the letter “b” when the letter “v” is required. You’re most likely to see this error with the conjugation of the verb TENER in the past tense, but it does happen with other words in Spanish that are homophones, (“palabras homófonas” in Spanish), which are words that sound alike but are different in meaning and spelling.
Here are random examples of some exact quotes, (typos included), that I found in online Spanish forums:

More learning Spanish tools

Here are some links from across the web of different tools and sites that may be of interest to Spanish learners.
Spanish Sentence Database: Ramses Oudt from Spanish-Only has launched a beta site of a Spanish-English sentence database. An excellent way to build one’s vocabulary when learning a new language is to read. And reading new words in sentences, in context, is a great way to cement that knowledge in your memory. Says Ramses:

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Voices en español

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"Voces en español es un sitio en el que me gustaría compartir mi interés, mi amor, mi cariño, mi fascinación del idioma español y de la cultura, la sociedad, la historia, lo que sea, que lo rodea."

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A round-up of interesting links

Some interesting links I’ve come across in the past week. A few of them I’ve already posted on Twitter but since a lot people who visit this blog don’t follow me on Twitter, I thought I would publish these links here.
1). Salma Hayek talking about Colombia’s land mine problem.

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