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Spanish Phone Conversations

While on Twitter, I ran across the Spanish Phone Conversations site from the Defense Language Institute via Kristen at Spanish Is Your Amigo.

Since this was new to me, I thought I had better check it out and write a quick post about it.

So, upon visiting the Spanish Phone Conversations site, you can choose a country which there are only six available (Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Cuba, Honduras and

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News in Slow (Latin American) Spanish

Because I was going on a long car trip last week, I started to look for new podcasts to put on my iPod Touch. That's when I found News in Slow Latin American Spanish. As you know, there is News in Slow Spanish which has been around for a while now. (For instance they're on episode number 224. The Latin American version is just on number three.)

There are six sections:

1) Flashcards
2) News

Summer Proficiency Pack for Middle Schoolers

Run, don't walk to Maris Hawkins' blog post Made It Monday: Summer Proficiency Pack. It's for middle schoolers, but please, go look anyway even if you're not teaching at that level or just learning on your own at home.

She has put together a wonderful packet for her students so that their language skills do not dwindle over the summer. She based it on the most recent #langchat on Twitter: Keep

Spanish Language Route: Learn Spanish Using 3D Adventure Game

Just saw this and had to share...

Teaser de 'Spanish Language Route'Ver vídeo

Teaser de 'Spanish Language Route'

It will be available September 2013 and will contain linguistic exercises from levels A1 to C2.

From the article on RTVE.es:

Aprender jugando es una técnica empleada en muchos niveles educativos, también en el ámbito de los idiomas. Una empresa española está

Exercise Videos in Spanish

Challenge your mind and your body by exercising using Spanish language workout routines.

Recently I was browsing one of my favorite YouTube channels, OnceTV México, when I saw a show called Energía. This caught my eye because I work out at least five times a week and am always looking for new routines.

When I googled the show, I discovered that not only do they have regular exercise shows (

First NASA Google+ Hangout in Spanish

Space and Spanish go together like... well, I'm not sure, but in any case, you'll get the chance to participate in NASA's first Google+ Hangout in Spanish hosted by NASA en Español.

From the Google+ Hangout event page:

Durante este evento, la científica terrestre Erika Podest y la investigadora principal e ingeniera de sistemas Michela Muñoz Fernández, ambas del Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)

Free Customizable Picture Book Apps

A quick post about a set of apps that is free... for now at least. They are the "I Like" Picture Books apps from Grasshopper Apps.

They're in English, but and this is a big BUT, you can customize the photos, text and the sound recordings. I downloaded the "I Like Colors" book and yes, I was able to customize it using my own voice and text turning it into a Spanish picture book. (I haven't tried

Spanish Classes at Verbling.com

Well, that was a lot of fun! I just finished a conversation class in Spanish on Verbling. I learned that the classes were being offered just a couple of days ago via Learn Spanish with Paulino.

Currently it appears that there are several Spanish teachers offering classes from beginner to advance. You chat using Google Hangout, but keep in mind you have to connect via a link within the Verbling

Coursera Classes in Spanish

If you really want a language challenge, Coursera.org is now offering select classes in Spanish. 

So far, there are two universities participating: La Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and Tecnológico de Monterrey. 

Classes include Matemáticas y movimiento, Innovación educativa con recursos abiertos, Ser más creativos and more. (To view the classes, click on the university links above.)

A large collection of resources in one place

This morning I noticed that Red de Bibliotecas del Instituto Cervantes posted a link to a booklet (downloadable PDF) put together by Spain’s Ministry of Education in Italy, Greece and Albania.

What will you find in this booklet? A large collection of resources to help teach Spanish as a foreign language. On each page you will find the name of the site, a screenshot of the first page, a

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