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Dropping Out was a Great Idea

May 13, 2012, 23 comments                     3,818 

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What makes a great teacher? - A student says, "This!"

Guest post by Irene, High School Junior
My old Language Arts teacher never smiled. She kept the blinds closed to keep the sunlight out. She often professed her raging dislike for the art of writing, yet she droned on class after class on the correct format of an outline. I often entertained thoughts that she was an evil witch who fed upon the souls of children. Therefore, you may imagine that

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Want interactive learning? Forget the Smartboard. Consider 3D!

Gaia 3D - Finally! An ed product that doesn’t kill creativity, imagination, or critical thinking!

In school
I learned to HATE many subjects. For example I hated history because strangers,
strange lands, and strange facts seemed to have no place on the strange
timeline I was told to memorize but for which I had no learning context. At the
same time, one of my favorite (though admittedly, not

Required reading for online learning educators

The International Association for K-12 Online Learning puts out many publications.  Here is a list of some of their more recent publications that will be of interest to online learning educators.

Authorizing Online Learning, Patrick and Vander Ark (2011)
iNACOL Online Learning Definitions Project (October 2011)
Authorizing Online Learning (VanderArk and Patrick, published by NACSA, August 2011)

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