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A Common Sense Approach to Talking to Students About Charlottesville

When difficult news and events take place in our world, it stands to reason that difficult topics may work their way into the classroom. Unfortunately educators don't have much training on how to best approach such situations with students. 

Thank goodness for Common Sense...
Education that is. 

When difficult events take place like the horrific display of hate in Charlottesville, Virginia

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Checklist for Effective PD

Having great content is important when delivering a professional learning opportunity but it is not enough. What is also important is to ensure opportunities are well organized and leave participants feeling they got exactly what they came for.  

Here are some considerations, followed by an explanation of each, that will enable you to accomplish just that.



Send out

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7 Strategies to Share Stories of Diverse Communities #NewsLitCamp @TheNewsLP

Participants in breakout sessions at #NewsLitCamp

Most people rarely hear, or read all about the amazing work that inner city students are doing in the local press. That’s because their stories often are not covered by the mainstream media. 

Ideas for giving a voice to diverse communities was a topic discussed at the #NewsLitCamp at Time Inc. in New York City.  

Damaso Reyes a

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A New #BackToSchool Basic for #MediaLiteracy - @Checkology fr @TheNewsLP

While we’ve made progress in supporting students with digital literacy, citizenship, and using technology to support teaching and learning, one area where we haven’t kept up is news and media literacy.   A Stanford study found that America's middle, high school and college students are shockingly bad deciphering fact from fiction or detecting bias. Educational companies are starting to rise to

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The 3 Hottest Posts on The Innovative Educator

Haven’t been keeping up with
The Innovative Educator? Don’t worry. That’s what this wrap up is for. 

What’s hot: Livestreaming, conferences, and
partnering with companies for learning.

At the top for the third consecutive week is 10 Strategies For Successfully Using #PeriscopeEdu to
capture the learning at conferences.

Next up is post that
shares Tips for Connecting at Education

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#NYCSchoolsTechChat: #BacktoSchool #SummerLearning Tonight at 7pm EST

Join us tonight to discuss and
reflect on what you’ve learned this summer and how you will bring it into your
classroom this year. 

#NYCSchoolTech teacher Eileen Lennon (@eileen_lennon)
moderates with me throwing in my two cents.

You can prepare for the
conversation by thinking about answers to these questions:

Share an activity (w/link) you did this summer that renewed your passion

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Fixing School & The Role Companies Play - #IamME Podcast on @EpiphanyLearn

Check out this #IamMe interview with Laura Henderson where I discuss topics such as:

Why school is a waste of time for most students, how we can change that, and school resources and models that work.
The importance of loudly, publicly, and fearlessly sharing our dissatisfaction with the school system and go beyond opinion. Have the facts and research to back such views.
My educational code: 

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Stop Wasting Time Networking . Get This Free Book On Networking Success

I've shared Robbie Samuel's ideas on 12 tips to effectively connect at education conferences. If you find those ideas helpful, then you might be interested in getting a free copy of Samuel's new book (for a limited time only) which shares ideas on how not to waste time at conferences and other events and start building meaningful relationships. You'll learn why it's important to stop thinking

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Infographic - Strategies For Using @PeriscopeTV at Events

#NYCSchoolsTech teacher Eileen Lennon took the post I wrote on strategies for using #Periscope for education conferences and turned it into this beautiful infographic which we will share with participants at our upcoming #NYCSchoolsTech Summit. I hope it provides some good ideas for your next learning event. Check it out.

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8 Tips for Connecting at #NYCSchoolsTech Summit - Even If You’re Not There

The #NYCSchoolsTech Summit is the largest annual #EdTech conference in New York City. At the conference innovative educators from across NYC Schools share their knowledge and expertise with other educators from NYC, surrounding areas, and even around the world thanks to social media. The conference is so popular, it trends on Twitter.  

There are dozens of workshops, lunchtime activities, and

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