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The learning never stops for Innovative
educators. When you’re jogging, cleaning, driving, or out walking your dog, a
podcast provides a great way to keep the learning going while you’re doing
something else.

Here is my current podcast list.  

10 Minute Teacher

The 10-minute teacher is a 5-day a week show for  remarkable teachers from around the world who are very busy.  Every weekday

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Money-Saving Facebook Setting Phone Providers Don't Want You to Know

If you have Facebook on your phone, you may have noticed that videos automatically play.  If you are not connected to WiFi this eats up your data. Here's what my data looks like:

When talking with some colleagues we were discussing this and found out how to stop that from happening.

Here's how:

Step 1 - Go to "Settings"

Step 2 - Go to "Media and Contacts"

Step 3 - "Choose when

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Tool to Brand Yourself or School with a Logo

Educational institutions are becoming more and more aware of the importance of branding staff and schools in our digital world. However schools and districts often don't consistently have and/or use their logo and slogan in their materials. In fact often staff do not even know their slogan and in many cases if they do, it does not seem meaningful or relevant and/or they are unsure where it even

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New Infographic: 8 Dates All Teachers of #EdTech #DigCit #MediaLiteracy Should Know

Post this on your wall for 2018/2019 school year as a reminder of all the dates you can celebrate ways to prepare modern learners.

Visit the infographic here.

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No. You Haven’t Been Hacked Or Cloned On Facebook

Do you have friends who are you sending around this ridiculous message?

They’re sending it even though they didn’t get another friend request and even if they did, why would it make any sense to forward a message to people about something you supposedly received from someone else?  And, if this person received a friend request from you, why would they ask you not to accept a friend

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Developing A Community High School - Lessons from @BrotherAmouzou at #TLTechLive

Wisdom Amouzou shared his approach to developing a community high school with education leaders across the country at the Tech & Learning Leadership Summit in Denver, CO.

His approach consists of these four phases:

1) Participatory Research2) Mission, Vision, Values3)School Model4) Community Outreach

The Community Design Team consists of 23 students, 8 parents, 6 community members,

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7 Dates #EdTech Teachers Need to Know

If you teach tech, then you need to know when important tech topics are celebrated across the year.

Below are the dates every tech nerd teacher needs to know (listed chronologically) to celebrate with students and families:

Digital Citizenship Week - October 15 - 19

National Bullying Prevention Month - October

Media Literacy Week - November 5 - 9, 2018

Hour of Code - December 3 - 9


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#NYCSchoolsTechChat: #DigCit #MediaLiteracy - Thursday at 7pm EST

How will you prepare your students to be media literate and responsible digital citizens? What do you have planned for the upcoming recognition dates?Citizenship Week - October 15 - 19National Bullying Prevention Month - OctoberMedia Literacy Week - November 5 - 9, 2018Join us Thursday as we discuss these and other topics about #digcit and #MediaLiteracy You can prepare for the conversation by

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New Infographic! 8-Step Plan to Finding A Student Internship

View on the web in presentation mode here or as a pdf here. 

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The Value of #EdTech Certifications: #NYCSchoolsTech Podcast 3.0

Cross posted at the #NYCSchoolsTech

Educators share the value in developing
expertise and showing what they know via #EdTech recognition programs like the #NYCSchoolsTech
Partner Certification Program . This program allows
educators to develop expertise and receive recognition from companies like
Common Sense Education, Google, Apple, Microsoft, PBS/WNET, BrainPop,
SoundTrap, and more.

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