Gordon and Cynthia... en casa Spanish

Our New Site. Free Podcasts

Cynthia and I are absolutely thrilled to present our latest venture:www.lightspeedspanish.comThis is a site designed for Spanish students of any level. It's packed with free, ten minute podcasts that can be downloaded to your PC, Ipod or MP3.In addition to the podcasts, we have videod each of the podcasts for those who like to be able to see people as they talk.Each level comes with a full range

Young students make

Young students make a fun video.Here is the link to a great video we made with some of our younger students. It’s entitled:“Castigos y Chicas Malas.”It’s based on a story about two boys who sneak out of school and go to the park to escape their English class, only to find themselves in big trouble…The best free audio download site available.This is a great site called Audiria with free podcasts

Gordon and Cynthia... en casa Spanish

"Somos profesores de español aquí en el noreste de Inglaterra y hemos diseñado este blog para cualquier persona que quiera mejorar su español o ampliar sus conocimientos del mundo hispanohablante."

Some heat (at last!) and dinner with students. / Calor (¡por fin, leches!) y cena con estudiantes.

Written by Cynthia. When I lived in Spain my idea of summer was: sleeping badly, with the sheets sticking to you, the swimming pool, being outside in a terrace bar with your family or friends, kids playing until twelve at night while their parents continue having a drink, the sounds of laughter, people talking, ice-cream, gazpacho, water melon, and, well, extreeeme heat.Escrito por

El volcán..The Volcano.

Bueno, parece que después de sólo un par de semanas, toda la disrupción que causó el volcán ya son viejas noticias. Sin embargo, todavía se nota el hueco que el viaje de vuelta a nuestros países ha dejado en las cuentas bancarias.Well, it seems that after only a couple of weeks, the disruption that the volcano caused is old news. However, the hole that the return journey has left in our bank

Navidades en España

In this video, Cynthia describes Christmas in Madrid. En este vídeo, Cynthia describe las Navidades en Madrid.¿Cómo se comparan las navidades de vuestro país?How does Christmas from your country compare?All comments are welcome and will be replied to.Todo tipo de comentario será bienvenido y lo comentaremos.¡Que tengáis un muy buen día!

El Presente Perfecto y Gustar

In this video you can hear Cynthia and I chatting about pets and using the Present Perfect tense as well as the verb Gustar. Turn up your volume!En este vídeo puedes escuchar a Cynthia y a mí charlando sobre mascotas y usando el Presente Perfecto tanto como el verbo Gustar. ¡Sube el volúmen!

Los estudiantes de viaje en Madrid

Pasamos un fin de semana en Madrid con un grupo de estudiantes. Visitamos Toledo y aquí tienes una foto de esa visita.

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