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How to Make the Most out of Introducing Children to a Second Language

From the age of eleven, when I had my first French lesson, I have always loved learning languages. My first linguistic triumph was during a family holiday to France when I used all of the four phrases I knew in French to communicate with the toddler who lived in the farm next door to where we were staying. I knew extremely little French but it was so much fun trying to work out how I could use what I knew to make myself understood and to understand the person I was talking to.

45% of English Words have a French Origin

English is known to be the world’s melting pot of languages but did you know that about 45% of today’s English vocabulary have a French origin? According to Athabasca University about 50.000 words have their origin in French. Wikipedia estimates the influence of French on the English language at about 30% in an 80.000 word dictionary.

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32 Movie Accents Analyzed by Dialect Coach

In our ongoing series about accents we take a look at the different local variations of languages across the world and how difficult it can be for people who don’t come from these regions to correctly imitate them. This is especially true for actors.

The 20 Most Common German Words for Money

Geld regiert die Welt, money makes the world go ’round! Though I don’t necessarily agree with that statement, money undoubtedly has been an integral part of almost every society for a long time and Germany is no exception. Therefore it’s no surprise that there are many words in colloquial German that replace the official term Geld.

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HelloTalk Racks Up 3 Million Mobile Language Learners

The upcoming shutdown of the once leading language learning community Livemocha shows that the technological platform a product is based on is as crucial to the success and survival as the offering itself. Livemocha missed the trend of mobile device based language learning and consequently lost its market share and appeal to consumers.

How Climate and Vegetation Influenced the Evolution of Language

What do trees, deserts and mountains have to do with languages? Researchers think the environment people live in might have had an influence on the evolution of their language, which would also explain why there are so many different forms of human communication.

Language Learning Community Livemocha to Shut Down on April 22nd

Livemocha, formerly the largest language learning community on the Internet with over 16 million registered learners, will shut down its service on April 22nd.

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Bing launches English Bilingual Dictionary Feature

Microsoft introduced a new feature to its Bing Translator that aims to help English learners and English speakers who want to learn a foreign language. The English Bilingual Dictionary feature displays alternative translations based on the Microsoft Translator database which uses statistical analysis to determine the best translation. The same database also powers the Skype Translator feature.

Duolingo trains Teachers in Costa Rica

Duolingo keeps pushing its K-12 focused Duolingo for Schools platform. Earlier this month the language learning startup held a workshop for 350 public school teachers in Costa Rica. The workshop was in partnership with the non-profit Ideas en Acción and Costa Rica’s Ministry of Education.

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