Students Step up to Lead Tech Implementation at Their Elementary School

As Maggie opened the door, a pair of first graders yelled “duck!” and luckily she did. The 7-year-olds had just launched a flying saucer and it was headed straight towards her. Maggie moved cautiously, sidestepping to avoid two students chasing down a runaway Sphero and was approached by a student about becoming a guest star in her latest stop motion movie, which was currently in production. Finally, she made it to the charging station and her shift at the learning resource center (LRC) officially started.

Professional Development Planning for Summer 2018 and Beyond #DLNchat

What makes a professional development experience valuable? How can we build meaningful personal learning networks? What’s the right balance of planning and serendipitous discovery when it comes to professional learning? On Tuesday, May 22 the #DLNchat community got together to discuss and debate professional development reflections, insights and plans for Summer 2018 and beyond.

Most Professors Think They're Above-Average Teachers. And That’s a Problem.

Summer is traditionally a time for professors to refresh their courses, or take workshops to learn new teaching techniques. But some in higher education worry about a lack of motivation for such efforts, especially when the vast majority of professors think they’re great in the classroom already.

Elon U. Has Been Working to Reinvent the Transcript. And That Has Given It Some Eye-opening Data.

Elon University has been working to reinvent the college transcript. And now that it is three years into an experiment with offering “visual” transcripts that blend academic data and extracurricular activities, officials say it is using the data to redesign campus programs.

A Case For Flipping Learning—Without Videos

When professor Lorena Barba talks to other educators about flipping their classrooms, the approach she hears is often similar. Faculty assign homework to expose students to a new concept before they arrive to class, and use class time to ask questions and do more-active learning.In most cases, what professors ask students to do outside the classrooms is watch video lectures, and Barba thinks that part of the flipped approach needs to go, and that professors are relying too much on such videos as a crutch.

The One-Teacher, One-Classroom Model Needs an Upgrade. Here’s What’s Next.

Emerging school models are supposed to ease the transition to personalized and blended instruction—or at least make it possible. But new ways of teaching like station rotation and fluid-schedule flex models can hit a snag when they run up against the familiar one-teacher-one-classroom setup. According to the authors of a new report, it’s not schools that need a “rethink” as much as school staffing.

Optimizing Professional Learning for Educators (Infographic)

K-12 teachers are clear about what they want, so why are professional learning woes common nationwide?Educators face many obstacles when it comes to pursuing professional learning. Not the least of which is time. Learn more about the issues teachers are facing and how schools can find a solution.

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From EdCamps to Google, 11 Professional Development Offerings for Teachers This Summer

As testing comes to a close, the next big event for educators on the horizon is summer vacation. Yes, fill your schedule with cookouts and sunbathing, but also make time for some professional development this break.To help you stay sharp while getting that much-needed vitamin D, we have a gathered a list of professional development activities geared towards teachers, offered for free or at relatively low-cost.

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Computer Science Educators Wanted: How This New Program Is Addressing the Shortage

In an environment of 21st century demand from tech-hungry students, educators are largely stuck with out-of-date or insufficient training to keep up with demand. Particularly in the area of computer science (CS), schools need more qualified teachers.

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To Spark and Scale Innovation Across School Districts, ‘Every Day Is Day One’

Running a lemonade stand may be the most entrepreneurial project that many students get to experience. But increasingly, schools leaders want to take the spirit of these old-fashioned projects and create more—and more meaningful—opportunities for students and teachers alike to think creatively and build skills that will prepare them for future careers.

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