Pentikousis, K.

Mediated collaborative learning

Wikis should be a very familiar Web application for most ERCIM News readers. Once used mainly by the open-source community, wikis are now increasingly being adopted for day-to-day work in large multi-partner and company-internal projects. We have recently been exploring the application of wikis to Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL). As we explain below, language in wikis is produced in a collaborative fashion, with all participating members developing and improving the contents of the wiki.

An application of wikis for mediated collaborative learning to Spanish L2

Abstract—Information and Communication Technologies facilitate the emergence of new contexts and practices of learning that educational institutions have to adapt to their pedagogical discourse. This paper presents an application of wikis for mediated collaborative learning of Spanish as a second language ("Spanish L2"). We employed the off-the-shelf wiki environment provided by wikispaces in this pilot project. Students were asked to create a set of pages in Spanish about topics of their interest, with the aim of creating a complete cross-linked wiki.

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