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Can Designing Video Games Help Kids Gain Hard and Soft Skills?

Steve Isaacs has long identified as a gamer. And when he’s not spending time with some of his favorites—StarCraft and Hearthstone—he’s teaching middle school students how to build their own.Isaacs, an educator at William Annin Middle School in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, teaches two classes on designing video games: a semester-long elective for eighth graders and a six-week course for seventh graders.

Educators Share How Video Games Can Help Kids Build SEL Skills

Paul Darvasi is teaching his 12th graders that if there’s something about themselves they don’t like, they have the power to change it.

Learning to Breathe: Educators Use Yoga and Meditation to Reduce Burnout

SAN FRANCISCO — Kimberley Rose knew that breathing exercises could help kids calm down. Yet she never would have incorporated them into her classroom if she hadn’t experienced the power of these exercises herself.

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In a New Survey, Teachers Say There’s a Disconnect in Computer Science Education

Is there a disconnect in current efforts to teach computer science? Some teachers think so. In a new survey, 88 percent of teacher respondents said they believe computer science is critical for students’ success in the workplace—but two in 10 teachers said their students aren’t taught any computer science.

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How College Faculty Can Beat the Cheat

Students cheating on assignments is hardly a new or surprising problem. But it may surprise college faculty to find out just how widespread it is today. In research and surveys conducted by Dr. Donald McCabe and the International Center for Academic Integrity over the span of 12 years, 68 percent of undergraduates who responded admitted to cheating on tests or written assignments.

Moving from Face-to-Face to Online Teaching Can Be Hard. Here’s One Expert’s Advice.

Enrollment in online courses is rising. But the shift to online instruction can be challenging for some instructors who have spent most of their academic careers teaching (and learning) face-to-face. At the 2018 OLC Accelerate conference in Orlando on Wednesday, Julin Sharp, director of digital education at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York, discussed reasons why that transition can be daunting.

Facebook Launches Courses to Help Adult Learners Skill Up

In its latest move in the education space, Facebook has launched career development courses geared toward adult learners looking to get a foothold in the digital economy.The 13 free, digital courses, each run around nine minutes long. They’re designed for people looking to re-enter the workforce or simply refresh their skills, such as how to build a resume and how to maximize marketing with analytics.

Robots Won’t Replace Instructors, 2 Penn State Educators Argue. Instead, They’ll Help Them Be ‘More Human.’

How will artificial intelligence and machine learning change teaching? It’s a question that some higher education instructors have asked before, and one that two Penn State University educators sought to answer on Wednesday at this year’s EDUCAUSE conference in Denver.Jennifer Sparrow, the university’s senior director of teaching and learning with technology, thinks the fears that some faculty have about artificial intelligence taking their jobs echos the concern some had 20 years ago when higher education was first “branching out into online learning.”

YouTube Launches $20 Million Fund as Part of ‘Learning’ Initiative

Ever turn to YouTube to learn “how to” do something? You’re hardly alone. Last year, videos with those two words in the title amassed over a billion hours of viewing time, according to a YouTube spokesperson.

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How a 5-Decade Old Education Company Reinvented Itself

Curriculum Associates has been around for about five decades, and has reinvented itself throughout the years. The privately-held education company used to focus on making print instructional materials for K-12 schools. But eventually, it started incorporating technology in its offerings.Today, there are six million current active users on i-Ready, the company’s flagship digital product.

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