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Playing Games Can Build 21st-Century Skills. Research Explains How.

As anyone who’s ever spent hours hunched over Candy Crush can attest, there’s something special about games. Sure they’re fun, but they can also be absorbing, frustrating, challenging and complex.

In the Future, Today’s Education Will Look Like ‘19th-Century Medicine’

By most measures, Massachusetts is one of the nation’s highest-performing states when it comes to K-12 education. It ranks first in the country on lists from Education Week and U.S.

Meet the Support Network Addressing Out-Of-School Challenges for Every Student

ROXBURY, Mass. — Last year, a student in Yvonne Steadman’s Kindergarten class began missing a lot of days. Steadman, who teaches at Mendell Elementary School in this highly-diverse Boston neighborhood, passed along her concerns to a colleague, Madeline Gillespie, a family support coordinator.

Why This Chicago Tutoring Center Wants to Be the ‘Whole Foods’ of Education

When Gil Gibori searches for an analogy to describe the model behind his new premium tutoring center, The House, he’s apt to touch on a few big names, including WeWork, the Apple Genius Bar and, perhaps most unusually, the premium grocer Whole Foods.

EdSurge’s Year in Review: The Top 10 K-12 Stories of 2018

We’re getting ready to count down to the new year with a countdown of our own: EdSurge’s annual look at the year’s top K-12 stories as chosen by your clicks and shares. This year, readers turned to stories that helped them make sense of technology’s evolving role in our classrooms and our lives. Every year has its trends, fads and buzzwords—computational thinking, social-emotional learning, Google. But what, if anything, can we learn from them?

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Seven Questions for Sandra Liu Huang, Chan Zuckerberg's New Head of Education

Earlier this week, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative named Sandra Liu Huang as its head of education, filling a vacancy created when Jim Sheldon, the former deputy secretary of the U.S. Department of Education, left the organization this summer.

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The Greatest Enemy of Creativity in Schools Isn’t Testing. It’s Time.

Creativity is one of those ineffable skills that’s important—especially for jobs of the future—but hard to pin down. We know when we feel creative, and we know what creative work looks like. Measuring and assessing such work in a way that keeps kids inspired is another matter, though, and schools aren’t known for being good at it.

What a Vision for Teaching the Whole Child Looks Like in Action

It’s one of the biggest buzzwords in education today: the whole child. Basically, it’s the idea that educating students is about more than what’s said in class. Factors like nutrition, home life and out-of-school relationships can all play a huge role in how kids learn—and it’s something more schools are starting to pay attention to.The theory behind whole child is one thing. How it gets put into practice is something else entirely.

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Report: Climate Change and Migration May Impact the Future of Schools

Raging wildfires in California and devastating hurricanes along the Atlantic seaboard have sent school officials scrambling to resolve immediate problems, such as repairing infrastructure and finding new schools for displaced students. Longer term, climate change may have a more permanent, major impact on the future of learning, according to a new report.

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Kid-Tracking Sensors May Not Be the Wildest Thing About This Montessori Model

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — On a tree-lined avenue, between shops, cafes and row houses about a half mile from Harvard University, sits a uniquely high-tech school in a narrow storefront. Kids don’t spend time in front of screens, though. In fact, they never even see them. Instead, the tech is embedded into the environment almost invisibly. Cameras record students, who range in age from two to six, as they move around the room, and sensors in their matching green slippers track their exact location and the objects they touch.

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