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What’s Your Edtech Business Plan Worth?

For the past decade, the most esteemed business plan competition for edtech entrepreneurs has been held by the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education and sponsored by Milken Family Foundation. The 2019 competition opens January 8 and will accept applications until February 13. Even better, this year, the program aims to crank up the value that it provides to entrepreneurs.

How Do You Factor Social-emotional Wellbeing Into Your Personalized Learning Plans?

As we’ve already mentioned, personalized learning should not and cannot be purely centered on technology. At Fusion 2018, we want to bridge the gap between theory and practice. This means not simply examining technology’s role in education, but exploring what learning sciences, community development and social-emotional research can teach us about the holistic picture of personalized learning.

5 Ways to Find Edtech Candidates Who Aren’t Looking

How do you attract your ideal candidate if that person isn’t actively searching for employment? A candidate can become an applicant at any moment, so you need to be ready when that happens. In fact, if you’re doing your job well, you may actually cause it to happen.

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How to Win Jobs and Influence Recruiters: Preparing for a Networking Event

They say first impressions are the most lasting. But don’t underestimate the sticking power of your second or third impression either; follow-through and follow-up are just as important as that introductory handshake. And of course, there’s plenty of work that goes into preparing for the one big moment that sets everything else in motion. So, let’s take it, step-by-step, to make sure you’re ready to shine at your next edtech networking event.

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How Do We Know If Technology Is the Solution or the Problem?

Has a more hotly debated or wholly unanswerable question ever been posed? One can easily imagine an Epic Rap Battle of History between the Luddites and Futurists on this very topic. And nowhere is that seemingly innocuous question more likely to ruffle feathers than in the realm of education.

What Role Should Students Play in Your Personalized Learning Implementation?

Recently, we discussed creating a common vision for a school model that meets the needs of the whole learner and mentioned that we'd be tackling this very problem at Fusion 2018 in October. With that hard work behind us, it’s now time to consider how best to implement your vision.

How Do You Include Your Community in Creating Your Vision for Personalized Learning?

Over the past year, we’ve collected dozens of stories from educators and school leaders around the country, each at varying stages of personalized learning implementation in their schools and districts. Many of these accounts clearly illustrate both the challenge of answering the above question as well as the benefit and absolute necessity of doing so. Some of these educators will be joining us at the EdSurge Fusion Conference in October, working to help attendees find their own answer to this same question.Understand your students’ needs:

4 Big Shifts That Can Personalize the Learning Journey

What needs to happen to move your school or district toward an effective implementation of personalized learning? According to EdSurge Fusion conference speaker, Dr. Scott McLeod, there are Four Big Shifts that propel “deeper learning schools” along their personalized learning journey.

Hiring? The Secret to Finding Hidden Edtech Talent

Finding the right candidate is not only important in order to get the job done but it is also essential for building a healthy company culture. So how do you find the perfect hire? A big part of that strategy is knowing where to look to find the kind of high-quality candidates you want to add to your roster. We decided to sit down with the EdSurge Job’s team to talk specifically about how to locate “hidden” edtech talent. Here are their suggestions on where to find your perfect candidate.Hiding in plain sight

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What’s in Your Name? The Importance of Branding for Recruitment in Edtech

Your brand is your name, your personality, your identity, and so much more. It’s a declaration to the public—who you are, what you offer, and how you’d like to be perceived. A well-cultivated brand sets you apart from others operating in the same space, allowing real people to identify with you and encouraging them to interact with you directly.

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