Nikki Schafer

Lingering Fears from Outdated Screen Time Recommendations Stunt Parent Buy-In

Admittedly, as an educator I’ve popped my students in front of a movie in moments of chaos, and as a parent, I’ve found myself leaning on the not-so-educational show to calm my toddler during the witching hour. I know what screen time can look like when it is not optimized for learning. But over the past two years, as our district has rolled out our 1:1 device initiative to an increasing number of grade levels, I have also witnessed the benefits that some types of screen time can have on learners.

As Expectations of Teachers Change, Administrators Rethink Their Observation Practices

Have you ever been in a classroom when a principal walks in? Planned or random, evaluative or not, the atmosphere changes.The entrance of an administrator can create tension where there was none, or it can relieve stress—but that depends on the relationship between the administrator and teacher as well as the culture and purpose of observations in a school. In the best case, the teacher knows that the observer is there to support and welcomes the observation, but in my experience that scenario is the exception, not the rule.

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