Julia Freeland Fisher

LeBron James Is Schooling Us on What Education Reform Got Wrong

National headlines offering hope about the state of American education this year have been few and far between. Until last week when LeBron James announced he was opening a school.

5 Levers That Can Unlock Smarter Demand for Education Technology

When Clayton Christensen and Michael Horn published “Disrupting Class” in 2008, the current wave of education technology was still finding its footing. The book posited two predictions. First, online learning would grow rapidly in K-12 schools. But scale was not the endgame. Second, and arguably more crucial, was the opportunity ahead: with the right incentives in place, technology could scale with an eye toward optimizing for individual learners’ academic outcomes.

Who You Know Matters. So Why Isn’t Edtech Helping Students Build Social Capital?

Most education technology entrepreneurs will readily admit how much relationships can make or break a startup. Indeed, research shows that who you know turns out to matter across all sorts of industries, whether you’re an entrepreneur in search of capital, an investor choosing among stocks, a patient seeking out healthcare, or a graduate in search of a job.

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