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Why Students and Researchers Say Conversations on Race Should Begin with Humility

Back-to-school is an exciting time for many students and educators, but given the political and racial discord this past weekend in Charlottesville, Va.—which left three people dead and at least 19 others wounded—teachers are taking it upon themselves to prepare for a tough dialogue on race, violence and equity this school year.

If you walk into a classroom with a lot of ideological baggage, you are not going to serve all those students in front of you.

Maureen Costello

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‘Where We Went Wrong’ Atlanta Educators Reflect on ‘Failed’ Tech Implementation

Five years into a massive transition to a personalized learning model, Educators at Fulton County School District in Georgia are scratching their heads wondering where they went wrong. At first, we thought this was just going to be a hoop we have to jump through in order to get these devices.
Daniel Hodge

No Begging Required: Teachers Share 5 Creative Ways to Fund Classroom Technology

Teresa Danks made national headlines this year after spending days in the heat on the side of the road in Oklahoma with a sign that read, “Teacher needs school supplies, anything helps.” She is not alone, as educators around the United States get ready to start the 2017-18 school year, supplies—particularly technology—can cost classrooms hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Always put your students in the best possible light you can think of. We don’t want them reading about themselves and thinking, ‘apparently she thinks I am a loser.’

‘Black People Don’t Fly’: School Convinces Families to Try a Personalized Study-Abroad Charter

The school year has already begun, and Principal India Hui only has 12 students. She spent the entire summer recruiting, but convincing parents to let their kids be a part of her school’s unique and unfamiliar model—which includes flying the students to Thailand and Laos for several months for a study-abroad program—is more difficult than it seems.

I had one girl who was like, ‘black people don’t fly,’ so yeah, it's has been the struggle,” Hui says, “but I am getting through to families.

India Hui

Not All Career and Technical Education Programs Are Created Equal

Expanding Career and Technical Education programs (CTE) is one of the few legislative proposals that both Democrats and Republicans can get behind. Back in June, the House passed the Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act to reauthorize funding for CTE programs (with 29 Republicans and 11 Democrats co-sponsoring the bill).

It is the number one thing, and it is the most missed if you look at programs across the nation.

Google and Digital Promise Reimagine Teacher Tech Training with New National Program

While the government might be pulling funding from teacher training programs, private organizations are stepping up to fill the gap.

Global STEM Alliance is Encouraging Students to be a New Kind of Billionaire

For some peering into the Silicon Valley, the future of innovation seems murky—filled with gimmicky apps that silo individuals instead of bringing them together. A popular sketch, first shown in a New York Times article, reflects this bleak reality. It depicts an older gentleman asking a young adult, “When will you make something that matters?” The retort from the younger man (with his smartphone and hoodie): “When will you make something cool?”

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Ten Years Ago Fewer Than 3,000 Girls Took the AP CS Exam. Now There Are Nearly 30,000

Educators and students around the nation are celebrating the completion this year’s Computer Science Advanced Placement (AP) Exam. Students are mostly celebrating the fact that it's over, but teachers are excited that data (released from this morning) indicates a record number of students, in particular girls and minorities, taking the exam.

Researchers Push Back As Betsy DeVos, ALEC Advance Virtual School Expansion

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos could have lines out the door for her upcoming appearance at the American Legislative Exchange Council's (ALEC) annual meeting—but not for reasons she may like.

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