Donna M. Neary

Art Exhibit Lets High School Immigrants Share Stories of Hardship and Hope

Moving to a new home and starting a new school would be intimidating—even terrifying—for most teenagers. But for Lian and Lisbet, who moved to a home they did not choose in a place they did not know and needed to communicate in a language they did not speak, these transitions have led to freedom for them and their families.

Inside the Project-Based Program That’s Turning Refugees Into High School Grads

Innocent is one of the fastest students in the class. When I need to get something somewhere in a hurry, he is the man for the job. I call his name, explain the task and hand him the book to return to the library or the cord to the computer needed in a room one floor below. He accepts the task with a smile and flies there and back in an amazingly short amount of time. When he returns to class he quickly picks up where he left off on his lessons and begins working.

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