Colette Coleman

How Edtech Developers Design Around ‘Screen Fatigue’

When I think about education technology, images of engaged students in front of computers and tablets come to mind. I imagine wide-eyed kids with big smiles, just like the ones I see on edtech product pages.But at the moment, there’s reason to question these expectations—and expect more.

Powerful Pilots: 5 Keys to Getting Them Ready, Set and Going

The old adage “it’s better to give than receive” didn’t originate in the edtech ecosystem, but it certainly could have, especially when it comes to product pilots. Pilots can provide a great source for feedback and a foot in a school’s or district’s door. But when companies focus too much on what they’re looking to get, they can miss opportunities for powerful engagement—through giving.

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Spring Is the Only Time to Sell, and Other Edtech Sales Myths Debunked

As a former teacher who joined the edtech industry after four years in the classroom, I’ve heard plenty of fantastical tales about the sales process. Yes, it’s true that selling to schools is not for the faint of heart. But it isn’t impossible either.
Selling anything for a living requires plenty of thick skin, persistence and patience—and this is especially true in the case of edtech. But after a decade of teaching, marketing and selling to K-12 customers, I’d like to demystify some of the assumptions and fears that have prevailed among startup circles.

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