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Announcing IMMERSION: the most hands-on, info-packed event we’ve ever created for companies

On April 15, EdSurge is hosting a one-day clinic on building your edtech business, EdSurge IMMERSION.This will be the most hands-on, info-packed session we’ve ever created for edtech entrepreneurs--and we hope you’ll consider joining us.

Online Degrees Find a Spot in Workspaces in 2U-WeWork Deal

2U said yesterday that it had formed a partnership with shared workspace company, WeWork. Any of the 13,000 students enrolled in the graduate degree programs that 2U hosts will be able to use the WeWork offices for free.It’s the second deal cut by 2U chief executive, Chip Paucek, within the last 18 months, and it’s one he hopes will give a boost to both 2U students--and to his company.

What We Learn from the Edtech Games the Government Plays

What can you learn from some of the games the government has going on?For starters: Algebra, history, chemistry, English and yes, even civics and how to brush your teeth. Monday was the fifth annual ED Games Expo, held at the the famed Washington performance hall, the John F. Kennedy Center.

Could Giving Parents Homework Help Students? Schools Try ‘Family Playlists’

Here’s a familiar conversation loop, one that gets replayed endlessly in homes across the country: “How was school today?” “Um, okay.” Sure, it reflects the age-old communications gulf between adults and kids. But it also represents an achingly missed opportunity—a chance to involve parents in what their children are learning. And boosting that engagement can be a key part of unlocking student success.

Personalized Learning’s Unknowns: Silicon Schools’ Five-Year Journey

“We do not believe that there is yet definitive proof that personalized learning works better than other models.”­All That We’ve Learned: Five Years of Working on Personalized Learning

Making Personalized Learning Real

If April is the cruelest month as the poets say, I nominate September as the most hopeful.

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Teach Love

Teach love, not hate. There's no more important lesson. Here are a few of the notable comments shared yesterday on the tragedy in Virginia.  "....People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love......For love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite." - Nelson Mandela

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Digital Ivy: Harvard Business School’s Next Online Program

Yes, this is a program that’s all about the numbers.A triad of Harvard institutions—its business School, the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS), and the department of statistics—are teaming up with Maryland-based digital education company, 2U, to offer an online executive education certificate in business analytics.

?Top Education Researchers Jump Ship to Join Digital Promise

Education research is about to pick up its clock speed. When people talk about the “gold standard” of research, the name SRI International often comes up. Now they will have to add Digital Promise to that list.

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Microcredentials and Macro-dollars: How an Online Ad Led 2U's Chip Paucek to Make a $120M Bet

Chip Paucek is an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. After two other startups sputtered, Paucek cofounded and runs 2U, which made its debut on the public market in March 2014. It closed that first day at $13.90 and has since grown to more than $50 a share. He lives the product, too: Paucek earned his own MBA by taking classes through 2U’s program with North Carolina’s Kenan-Flagler Business School.

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