How to Quickly Learn to Pronounce Anything No Matter How Difficult

pronounce anythingThis is a simple technique I developed on my own as part of the Telenovela Method years ago and I’ve just never gotten around to writing about it because it never occurred to me how much trouble most people have learning to pronounce certain parts of foreign languages.  This is a simple, obvious (once you understand it) techniq

Learn Spanish for Real #8: “That rings a bell / sounds familiar!” and “sonar”/”resultar”

that rings a bell in spanishAwkward title, but accurately descriptive.  We’re going to talk about the ways you can say essentially the same thing in Spanish: “That rings a bell” or “That sounds/looks familiar”.
This is going to revolve around two verbs: “sonar” and “resultar”, primarily “sonar”.

Glossika Review: A Supplement, But a Damn Good One

glossika reviewGlossika is a course that’s gotten very popular recently and as such curiosity got the better of me and I decided to give it a try.  That, plus I’m learning German (still as a beginner, I’ve had some lulls in my learning of it so I’m not as far along as I’d have liked) and I’m

Learn Spanish for Real #7: “Pain in the neck/ass”

pain in the neck in spanishI remember talking with a language exchange partner years ago and I wanted to say that something was, as we colloquially say in English, a “pain in the neck”, so I made the mistake most inexperienced language learners make in such situations and just translated the English literally by saying “do

Learn Spanish from YouTube #3: Christian Corom

christian corom youtube spanishThis channel is just my sort of thing, and I suspect it will be for a lot of you as well.
Are you interested in traveling?  Are you interested in learning about foreign cultures and people?  Are you interested in the perspective and first impression a foreigner has when they travel to another country, particularly your country?

Why You Should Learn Spanish from the News: 3 Short and Simple Reasons

This is just going to be a very brief post where I explain my current preference for Spanish-language news as a source of material to learn Spanish from.  It applies more to those at an intermediate or higher (B1 and up I’d say) than to beginners, though now that I think of it there are news shows that cater to beginning Spanish learners and children (same thing for our purposes since the end result is the same, see

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