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5 Random Name Generators: The Modern Day Popsicle Sticks

Do you remember in elementary school when your teacher would pull a popsicle stick out of a jar at random with a student’s name on it? And that was the student who was chosen to read their story or feed the goldfish or go to recess first?

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8 Online Resources for Women’s History Month

I recently learned that March is National Women’s History Month.  I encourage all of you to take this month as an opportunity to educate your students on the struggles and successes of women throughout history.

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Visuwords – Visualize Your Dictionary and Thesaurus Online!

Visuwords™ allows students to look up words to find their meanings and associations as related to one another, focusing on how words are related to each other using a mind map visual. Visuwords uses Princeton University’s open source word database, WordNet, as the source for its connections, associations, and definitions.

Search Google Effectively In The Classroom

Recently in one of my classes, I learned about Google search optimization, or how to search more effectively. It really opened my eyes to how ineffectively I was utilizing the search engine before, and how I could use tricks and tips to save valuable time when looking for information online.

Unroll.Me: Instant Email Inbox Cleanup!

As an educator, I am often searching for new online services that I can use with my students to enhance their learning and engage them in new content. However, that often results in accidentally subscribing to hundreds of new apps online, and then being bombarded by newsletters and subscription emails.

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Use Vibby To Make YouTube Videos Go Further In Your Classroom!

Today I discovered Vibby, a neat little web application that allows you to edit, comment, and interact with YouTube videos in a pinch! The process is relatively simple… First, select the video you want to use: Then, highlight sections of the video you find most interesting, confusing, or conversation-worthy.

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5 Interactive Periodic Tables Worth Losing Your Chemistry Cool Over!

Right now, we are beginning to unearth the awesomeness that is the periodic table in my science classroom. While perusing for lesson ideas and tech-driven resources, I came across these pretty nifty tables that make learning about the elements more interactive and engaging.

The History of Classroom Technology: An Infographic

Saw this awesome infographic on Educator’s Technology today and had to share! Just a cool visualization of how technology has changed in our classrooms. Can you believe how much we’ve progressed as a society? Call me old, but I still remember the days when clapping out the chalkboard dusters was something worth fighting over.

12 Ways To Use Padlet In Your Classroom Tomorrow!

Let me introduce you to one of my new go-to tech tools: Padlet. It’s free, it’s easy-to-use, and it’s awesome. Oh, and did I mention… no signup needed? Padlet is essentially a digital poster that can be individually or collaboratively created. Simply visit the website and click “Create” to get started building your “wall” today.

10 Keyboard Shortcuts For Faster Google Docs

If you’re like me, Google Documents are an essential part of your work day. Whether I’m collaborating on a lesson-plan with a colleague, sharing notes on a meeting with the school, or assessing student writing, Google Documents is probably my most-used website online at work!

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